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Haskell News Commentary poses some student questions to Venida Chenault, acting queen (former Miss Pottawatommi 1970) for Haskell Indian Nations University.


You totally missed the point of the first paragraph. The union was built by the students FOR THE STUDENTS. Therefore your comments about the automotive shop are not applicable.

The next item is that regardless or whether the MOA was approved or not, the President of the university has the power to assign the building to individuals or groups for use. The building could have still been assigned to be used by the Student Senate. Such was not the case, as detailed in Chenault's memo, ALL responsibility for the building is being returned to the President's office. This means if the Student Senate wants to use the building for a meeting or an event, they are now required to get each instance approved through the President's office.

And your point that protocol was not followed is also incorrect. My understanding is that their was no approved MOA with the Haskell Board of Regents either, and the Regents had been acting in their capacity for years. And they continued to act and make recommendations up to the actual signing and solicitor approval of the MOA just recently. This was and is perfectly acceptable to all parties involved.

So how is the situation with the Board any different from the Student Senate using Stidham? Answer, it's not. There are minor details but in principle both situations are similar. So why is Chenault taking back Stidham, the answer is that the Student Senate strayed from Chenault's script. They started asking questions about program cancellations, food service and where money is fast dissappearing to. The cancellation of the MOA and the initial refusal of the Student Senate President to travel to the AIHEC meeting were attempts to bully and intimidate them into silence.

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Haskell News Commentary poses some student questions to Venida Chenault, acting queen (former Miss Pottawatommi 1970) for Haskell Indian Nations University.

So the solicitor's office advised that the Student Senate "cease entering agreements for the rental of Stidham Union," which seems fairly straight forward.

Chenault later states that "the draft Memorandum of Understanding was used as the basis for the transfer of trust responsibility for the building from the University to Student Senate and allowed for rental space, space utilization." I read that as two different responsibilities, rental, and space utilization as well as assigning the building to be used by the students and the Student Senate.

So Chenault manages to take what is one of two activities, rental, and use that as a weak excuse to take back Stidham Union from the Student Senate and to return its control to... suprise! Venida Chenault.

Is it any wonder that she is such a failure as an academic and an administrator? I also find it amusing that she continues to be both Acting President and retain the reponsibilites of Vice President of University Affairs. Sad in the fact that she wasn't able to perform her job of Vice President of Academic Affairs and now is trying to juggle both jobs.

According to my friend at Haskell when the job of President opened up when Warner was hired, Chenault announced to anyone and everyone who would listen that she was not applying because she wasn't qualified for the job. Now, having not done anything since then she now feels qualified to do both. In response to Chenault I would say that you were right back then when you said you weren't qualified and you are right today because you still aren't qualified. Quit trying to get into the President's office through the back door, or as becoming more and more obvious, breaking in through a window. My first impression of reading about her was she had very poor morals and ethics, and now over time I have grown to realize that she has none.

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Lawrence man reports firearm stolen

It was one of those "assault rifles" and it was taken by Al Queda...

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Seabury wins game, loses coach

Total fail. For the first time Seabury men's basketball actually put a scare into their opponents.

"Mr. Nelson, what should we do?" said the parents who were upset that Coach Harding pushed Little Wilbur too hard. "Well. of course now that we are a winning team and successful, we should immediately sabatoge that and get rid of Coach Harding," replied Mr. Nelson. "That is the only way to guarantee our descent back into mediocrity."

The Seabury athletics motto:

Perdo Usquequaque Perdo

Losers Always Lose

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MartinLogan eliminates production from Lawrence facility, moves some jobs to Canada

What I do know is that someone from the city's economic development office, which unfortunately is the do-nothing Chamber of Commerce, needs to go out the their offices and say "What can we do to keep these jobs in Lawrence. Not only that, what can we do to help you move all those jobs in Canada down to Lawrence." That is what should be happening. Instead the Chamber is trying to decide where the best pancakes are for the breakfast meeting.

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Haskell Indian Nations University Acting President Venida Chenault say’s no to Haskell’s Student Senate President attending this years AHIEC conference.

Ah, Rainydaze. Where to start, where to start?

First you claim that you are raising funds for the Cheyenne River Sioux disaster relief fund and are upset that you had to pay $25 more than a student would have. You mean to tell me you couldn't find a single Cheyenne River Sioux student to sponser your booth? Or is this one of those booths that raises money for charities and then takes 90% for "administrative costs?"

And actually you are an American. I've looked at your other posts where you describe yourself as Native... suprise, American. Your comments strike me as one of the confused people who hates the federal goverment and being american, yet still participates in the system feeling free to milk it for all it's worth.

Bravo, bravo.

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Venita Chenault Acting President of Haskell Indian Nations University tries to control Haskell's Student Senate.

No, not thankfully. Partrick Freeland just blatantly violated the Student Senate's rules and guidelines for people getting a booth. Not a ringing endorsement in his favor. It appears that you are fine with the rule violation if it is in your favor and strongly opposed when it goes against you. Par for the course.

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Haskell Indian Nations University’s .

Ha ha. If people want to complain about Warner as president they would have a stroke with Lew Perkins.

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Decision on flat screen TV is two years in the making ... and counting

I put off buying for quite a while and finally on Black Friday had to go with the Panasonic 54" Plasma for $1099.

I agree that for a more expenisive television calibration can make a difference however, it just isn't cost effective on a $400 set.

Finally, Sears has a 46" Samsung for $899, Best Buy has Panasonic 50" Plasma for $979, and a Samsung 50" Plasma HDTV for $999.

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Haskell Indian Nations University Acting President Venida Chenault say’s no to Haskell’s Student Senate President attending this years AHIEC conference.

Hmmm, so we have Erck85 lecturing people on unfounded rumors under an anonymous blog posting and then in closing they do the very same thing in making the accusation that an "inordinate amount of money withdrawn from S.S. account for a couple of last year's functions by student senate president Janice Mendez," and asking for a FOIA request. If you want a FOIA request done, then do it yourself.

The next brilliant comment is from Rainydaze49 who says quote me while posting as anonymous.,, So just because you are doing a fund raiser you feel entitled to have the fee waived. Well guess what. the Red Cross still has expenses and has to pay for their bills. So both of you combined can only come up with the fact that Janice Mendez made a "relief fund" pay full price for a booth, and student senate spent more than the first writer thought they should. And in your minds that justifies taking the duly elected representative fo the students and removing them from attending and denying them their rights as an organization.

You should be proud to call yourself Americans...

(yeah, that was sarcasm)

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