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LHS baseball falls to Shawnee Heights

Will everyone please quit dogging on my head coach. He makes decision that he feels give us the best possible chance to win. Obviously you do not understand baseball enough to make informed comments about it. The 09' State championship team started off 5-4 in theirfirst 9 games before they won 16 games in a row on their way to a state championship. If coach Stoll's own players arnt worried and concerned with this than you shouldn't be either. Get over yourself and realize that it isnt YOUR team or YOUR school. As a team we have known since the beginging that we play the toughest schedule in the state and that our goal is to be the best team the last 2 weeks in May not the first week in April. Our record may look down now but we believe we are the best team in the state and we will keep playing like it. No one is making you support the team but we do ask you respect us and our head coach! Quit the negative comments because you feel down for some reason because your "grandkid" didnt play as much as you would like. The 8 win season was a result of a group of seniors that didnt want to lead the team and all had different goals for their season. The state championship team was just as aggressive as we are and look what happen that year. Shut your mouth and get over it. Let the decisions be made by the team and coaching staff and support the team, win or loose!

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Frenetic finish favors Free State Firebirds in City Showdown win

I am currently a junior at LHS and what no one seems to realize is that it is about the student and athletes. Parents may get upset about stuf that goes on during the game but what you have to realize is that it is plain and simple a RIVALRY! The reason somepeople object to this is because when they attended high school they didnt have a rilvary like LHS Vs. Free State. Maybe some things get out of hand and maybe even become inappropriate but the fact is that the next day were all friends again I have a lot of friends at FSHS and today I texted more than one of them and we all laughed about it all. The "brutality" of the game lasts for a short while and then we are all united under the same town again. So just calm down everyone. I personally am looking forward to Feb. 25th when I am positive I will see another instant classic between these two teams

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