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DUI charge filed in accident in which KU student lost his legs; driver had a previous DUI

nuby, it is relevant. They were all partying together. Did you not read my whole comment. His friends came back to the store all hysterical and scared. And No just running into the back of someones car is not battery. If it was then EVERY fender bender would result in a battery charge!

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DUI charge filed in accident in which KU student lost his legs; driver had a previous DUI

Just for the record, I was working at a C-Store the night this accident happened. They were all drinking that night and had to go out in the parking lot after they left and clean up all their beer cans. oh about a case of them. Had I known I would have called the cops myself. After the accident several of the girls came back hysterical and I asked what had happened. I asked one girl how old she was. 16 she told me. As for Battery charges! I really don't think so. Looked like some underage drinking was going on and they high tailed it before the law got their. Do i feel sad for what happened to that young man? Of course. It was a mifortunate accident. alcohol + teenagers almost always equals trouble!

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Police respond to animal cruelty complaint at KU fraternity

It's animal cruelty no matter how you look at it and someone needs to be held responsible.

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How would you grade the KU football team this year?

They need to give Baty a shot at the game next year.

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Man to stand trial on attempted rape, criminal restraint charges

He'll get deported!

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Ottawa man, 23, pleads guilty in Lawrence robbery case

Okay, so they told the cops these guys stole their weed! Can you say "Surveillance"

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Knology sale to WOW now official; customers not expected to see immediate changes

WOW will be great. I researched them and they got great reviews. I used to work for Sunflower and Sunflower was very customer Care oriented unlike Knology. All Knology cared about was money. I sent 2 e-mails to WOW and got an immediate response. Knology changed my billing cycle and I was hit with a $400 bill and I tried to get an extension! I did get an extension....5 days. Been with the local cable company fo 6 years and that was the appreciation I got! GOOD RIDDENS Knology!

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Funeral held for Bramlage family

I am from Junction City and I know of the Bramlage family. They are a very well respected family in the community. Just so that everyone here in Lawrence knows, Westboro Baptist Church picketed the funeral of this beautiful family. But the turnout of the citizens of Junction City overwhelmed any harm the Phelps cult could administor. Thank you LJW for is article

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Motorcyclist injured after Barker-19th roundabout crash

I ride and the problem is you get a youngster on a crotch rocket they think they are indestructible and just haul butt wherever they go. he admitted it was his fault by going to fast. I don't like the round abouts either but there is a speed limit.

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