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Lawrence High graduation

From what I understand they are protesting all High school graduations. Protesting them graduating out into a world that is accepting sin. I find it Funny that they had a sign that said God hates sluts when Shirley Phelps herself had a child out of wedlock with a guy in a halfway house.

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Gas prices approach record highs

Kinda strange since crude was on the decline and just now has gone up by a small margin. All it boils down to is corporate greed!

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Drug testing bill goes to governor

Unemployment due to layoff....NO! But the ones that just don't want to work then yes. I do pay for their benefits through my taxes.

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Drug testing bill goes to governor

Good, I have to undergo drug testing for a job so if I'm paying their benefits they need to be screened too.

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City's snow removal costs for season up to $317K and counting; more than triple a year ago

what is 3 times zero? We had 1 significant snowfall last year that lasted 1/2 a day.

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Drug testing for welfare benefits one of many bills worked on as Legislature nears deadline

I think anyone applying for welfare and/or unemployment should be drug tested. I have to get drug tested for a job to pay for their benifits. As a p/t employee of a convenience store I see able bodied young people come in and use their vision card. And boy do they get mad when the machine is down and they can't buy their soda pop and candy with the vision card! They say.."I know I have money on their." I just want to say "No, you have my money on their" Get a job!!!!

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City to start enforcing sidewalk snow ordinance on Friday

I have a sidewalk that after I shovel the city snow plow covers it back up. Am I responsible to reshovel. I don't think so

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Sound Off: Snow shoveling

It is my understanding that on sidewalks where the city crews throw the snow back on the sidewalk from the road that the home owner is no longer responsible. That is as far as sidewalks are concerned.

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Seven arrests on nearly 20 different charges this morning.

Why isn't anything done about those clowns that keep throwing those illegal parties on N>E Industrial dr. in the warehouse. They are in clear violation of building codes and the police are called everytime there is a party

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Should the city ticket property owners with snowy sidewalks?

The city puts in the sidewalks and expects the home owner to maintain them. Their sidewalks let their crews get out and clear them!

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