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Lawrence offense sputters in 31-0 defeat

I'm tired by all of this, fish... However, I don't understand your quote about the "first liar." Can you help me out?

Also, I'd love to know the name of one assistant who left because of Coach Wedd. Every assistant that I know improved their position when they left LHS. You can't blame a coach for having ambitious assistants.

How many seniors across town?

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Lawrence offense sputters in 31-0 defeat

I can agree with you on one thing spoon, nobody likes to lose, and Lawrence Lions play to WIN! Just take a walk through the gymnasium and you know that Lions are used to a winning tradition. That being said, NOBODY knows that, or carries that burden more heavily than Coach Wedd. He KNOWS what it's like to win for LHS.

As for kids at LHS not playing because of what Coach did to their brothers... Come on. Any excuse is good enough when you are looking for one. I know that WILD HORSES couldn't have kept me from playing if Godzilla, Hitler, and Attila the Hun were the coaches. It was that important to me and my teammates.

While we are pointing fingers and laying blame... As a former Lion, I would like to voice my displeasure with a district administration that allowed a locker room facility to be built for FSHS before money was available for a similar facility at LHS! Talk about fighting uphill! It is ridiculous for administration to think that was fair. If they aren't going to enforce the rules regarding residence in the district, they have given athletes in town a great reason to jump the line and head to FSHS! It is UNFAIR!!!!

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Lawrence offense sputters in 31-0 defeat

I'm certain that your incessant bellyaching about the play calling is bringing out the best in your son's devotion to his teammates and coaching staff. Your inability to recognize that fact is probably why you never actually played a down your entire life. TEAMWORK is what makes the team what it is. No one ever promised a TEAM that simple membership guaranteed them victory. Strange how that same principle follows all of us through life. The experience of difficult times on this particular football team just might be the lesson your son(s) need in order to catapult them toward success in what is shaping up to be one of the toughest economies our nation has ever known. May our Lions never give up on this season and may they learn that life "ain't no bed of roses"... WORK HARDER! INVEST MORE IN THE TEAM! Sell out to what the TEAM needs, not what your dad thinks is a lost cause. It will be worth the memories.

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Lawrence offense sputters in 31-0 defeat

It's VERY obvious to me that not one person that is posting negative comments after the LHS articles has any consideration for the players who are busting their tails on the field every single game. As a former Lion, I know how Coach Wedd approaches the game and his team is ready to go out and play their guts out for LHS. It wouldn't matter who the coach was or is... Lawrence Lions compete! They give their best effort. To have to read the comments parents/fans make about my former school and our current players and coach is upsetting.

I look at it very similar to the back-biting and complaining some citizens of our country participate in when they oppose the war in Iraq. Oppose it before we get involved, but then, support our troops when we are engaged in a conflict. In other words, support all of our LHS guys during the season... Then, if you have a problem with what's going on at Lawrence High, talk to those who make the decisions regarding such things. Don't write it at the bottom of an article during the season because it affects the morale of our athletes.

Also, a couple of quotes I fall back on from college...
Coaches make decisions... Players make plays.
It ain't the X's and the O's, it's the Jimmies and the Joe's.

GO LIONS! Play your hearts out!

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Oklahoma HS coach in hot water over players using false addresses; What can Lawrence learn from this?

So that's where Lawrence wants to go? Open transfer? IF it ever happens, you'll see more under the table recruiting by coaches, boosters, etc. than you would ever believe. Current procedures are better than open transfer. Fact... USD 497 would let it ride for about a decade and then realize it isn't what they want to be about, athletically speaking. If they want to run a one school magnet program, that's pretty much the type of thing they're allowing now.

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Oklahoma HS coach in hot water over players using false addresses; What can Lawrence learn from this?

There are your first 2 targets, Mr. Tait. Break the story! You'll be infamous! No one in USD-497 admin. wants you to do it, I guarantee. Their stance has always been, "We can't prove it." Translated: "We don't care as long as they play in Green." Additionally, from what I have been told, Lawrence doesn't HAVE to enforce the line if they don't choose to do so. The state says it's a "Lawrence" issue, not a KHSSA issue.

Anybody else know anything about that? Is that true?

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Oklahoma HS coach in hot water over players using false addresses; What can Lawrence learn from this?

After having looked into the matter down in Oklahoma...
If you, Mr. Tait, wanted to bust open an investigation into such misdeeds close to your own zip code, you would be run out of town on a rail. You could easily keep your nose out of the Sooner State and shove it into some KANSAS dirt. It's very deep in Lawrence, if you catch my drift.

You COULD check the address/living arrangements of athletes in USD-497 over the past 9 years, which is exactly what they did in the locale you have called on the carpet. You, along with your administrative counterparts in this district, are all about “business as usual” and not about smashing the toes of perpetrators within your own city limits. Talking about someone else's problem is EASY! Put some teeth into your words and start your investigation. You'll be surprised how easy the trail is to follow and even more surprised at where and how high up the chain it leads you.

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