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More bicycles on road means more caution, manners required of everyone

Hate to say it but cyclist are selfish, almost never does a cyclist ever wait in line at a intersection behind the cars that they were behind or follow normal motor vehicle laws, and when riding on a county road, I would think that riding single file would be the safest but see 2-3 wide a lot of the time., once again, selfish. I am a novice cyclist myself but refuse to ride on the streets or roadways as we have several cycle paths in the city and don't want to risk injury or put other motorist at risk for having to go around me on a narrow county road, Once again, I said almost never, not 100 %

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KU Student Body president: Fieldhouse seat change-up 'unfortunate'

Looks like KUAC gave the student government the big middle finger, and sounds like it was much deserved. Pretty good life lesson for all students, sometimes when you mess with the bull, you will get the horn!!!!

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Line-cutting, mobbing has KU Athletics reviewing Late Night admittance protocol

At 5:30 there was a huge rush of thousands of people toward the East door and cant believe no one got hut or trampled. After getting inside, you could notice many, many seats not taken as people had spread out. I am guessing instead of 16,300, there was probably closer to 14,000 there last night as people were nearly as packed in as a normal game. KU really need to do something different next year.

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County road closed near Baldwin City

can you please report on when the bridge on 1055 by Eudora will be finished, up by the little driving range, golf course.

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Safer route

i guarantee there are more accidents caused by a driver going 45-50 mph causing a 10-15 car backup than us drivers who drive 65-70 mph on that road, It isnt speed that causes accidents, its incapable drivers.

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What is your favorite barbecue joint?

Guy & Mae's ribs are fall off he bone great. And the sauce is awesome!!

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Patrols to target aggressive driving

I find it my civic duty to tailgate the hell out of people driving slow in the passing lane, even if the right hand lane is open, I will not pass until the idiot moves over. I guarantee that people driving slow in the passing lane on K-10 cause way more accidents than I do driving 85+ MPH. I am getting ready to put a sign on the left side of my car that says " GET THE F___ OUT OF THE PASSING LANE", just so you idiots understand my message.

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Patrols to target aggressive driving

then get out of the passing lane

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Lender seeks ownership of athletic club

I hate to the the barer of bad news to the bank that now owns this place, but there is no one in there right mind that will pay 2.4 million for that business, even with the existing members and equipment. As a owner of a sucessful fitness club, ( not in Lawrence, but local ) there is just no way this can cash flow. I wll predict that they will try and run it for a year or so and then there will be a auction for all the fitness equipment in the building and then the building will sell. Hopefully I will be wrong, but let me know if anyone wants odds on that one. Let me know.

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Border Warriors prove mettle

The only way we should play MU again, is in the State of Kansas, if not at Allen Fieldhouse, it should be at the new arena in Wichita, or at Livestrong Park, if they can build a basketball court on a air craft carrier, then they can build one there. We have been taking our dollars to Kemper Arena and The Sprint Center for decades now and I have loved it, but how cool would a game be there with that Stadium, the Legends Shopping Center and Restaurants, and the new Hollywood Casino.

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