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Jayhawks surprised by seemingly tough NCAA draw

Assuming KU wins its first two, Maryland is the biggest threat. I would love to see a rematch with MSU but don't think they can beat Maryland. I look for Ohio State to get bumped off, maybe by Oklahoma State.

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Assuming Duke is the fourth No. 1 seed, which team do you not want to see as a No. 2 seed in KU's bracket?

KU would get a number 4 seed first, most likely. Give us a Big 10 team. They are overrated every year. I would fear a Maryland or West Virginia.

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Survivor rebuilding broken body, life

Number_1_Grandma, I think we all know what the "Number 1" stands for. The next time I take a "number 1" I'll think of you.

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Phelpses’ speech shouldn’t be protected

All of these columnists, Will, Thomas, Pitt, etc, work for the mainstream media. One thing the MSM wants is a curtailment of our civil liberties including the freedom of speech. Notice how they never reported a word about the "hate speech" bill which was sneaked through Congress with the Military Appropriations bill. Notice how they are mum on the Patriot Act. I will be very surprised if the Supremes rule in favor of the Phelps. We are going to see the erosion of our civil liberties.

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Lesbian teen sues over prom flap

I really feel sorry for the younger girl who is being mentored into homosexuality. No, they are not "born that way" as homosexuals like to tell each other and anyone else who will listen. Homosexuality was considered a psychiatric condition until the APA caved in to political pressure and changed their DSM. I had a lesbian ex-friend who bragged that she could get almost any girl she wanted to go her way.

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Lesbian teen sues over prom flap

I always hear the homosexual say that all they want are the same rights. No, they want special rights, like dressing up as the opposite gender and making themselves the focus of the entire prom.

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Lesbian teen sues over prom flap

This girl could have gone to the prom with her girl but that was not good enough. She had to declare that she would wear a tux and now all students must suffer for it. Why is it that a reasonable accomodation is never good enough for homosexuals? Is it because they are iconoclasts?

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Lesbian teen sues over prom flap

This paper does a poor job of telling the whole story. The school board had to shut down the prom because it had become too much of a distraction to education. That is a legitimate reason. That girl could have gone to the prom dressed normally, instead she had to use the situation to spite everyone else by insisting on wearing a tuxedo.

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Lesbian teen sues over prom flap

This is a good example of how much hatred and intolerance iconoclasts like the ACLU and this girl have. They will ruin things for everybody if they can.

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Very ecumenical. JP II would be proud.

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