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Deal near for KU Coach Bill Self to donate $1 million for new west Lawrence recreation center

While there is the East Lawrence Rec Center, it is NOTHING along the lines of what is being discussed here. It is precisely the kind of rec center that you would expect to be in a lower income area. Frankly it is a dump...or used to be.

That being said, it seems logical that something like this would be built on the west side of Lawrence as that is where much of the city is growing.

Maybe a little bit of Coach Self's $$ could be used to revitalize the center on the east side.

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Spring signing period kicks off for KU basketball

When is the 6-9 bulky, Tyler Hansborogh-looking kid from Texas going to get here. It seemed like he committed to KU years ago? It has been a long time since I have heard any mention of him...or how he is doing.

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Lawrence native’s jewelry sales aid Japan relief

What a great way to give back! Amazing how technology is facilitating this almost instantaneous generosity!

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Marcus Morris Big 12 Player of Year

Sure hope that this serves as an indicator to Selby that he needs to stick around for at least another year.

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Who should be ranked No. 1? Good question

Sure, Texas did beat KU. But people should remember the context in which the game took place. Thomas Robinson had found out only hours before that his mother had died. He and the entire team were basically up all night focusing on the tragedy that had just occurred. Would KU have played better--and WON--had they not been dealing with this? Perhaps...most likely.

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Investigator finds no evidence that Lawrence City Manager David Corliss made racial slur

So by this, it appears you apparently think that kind of language is acceptable? If a person is believed to have used such offensive language--especially an employee being paid by tax dollars--an investigation should take place. Bottom line is that HE and YOU both should know that this kind of behavior is unacceptable.

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Armed robber hits Great Harvest Bread Co.

Marion, you are an idiot. You use these forums simply as an opportunity to spout your blather. Nobody cares about your foolish thoughts.

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Former Jayhawks join Team NBA

What kind of team is this? I would feel a bit strange as RR to be playing on a team with a 49 year old Dominique who retired 10 years ago? I mean is this GOOD for one's career?

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Kentucky coaches behaving badly is not we, the public, who are responsible for the pain that Patino's family might be feeling. Rick Patino, through his capricious actions anb arrogance is responsible for any and all repercutions of this scandal. It is not about sex, it is about the unethical actions of a man who is supposedly the leader of young men. The "act" has only been mentioned becuase it shows the kind of indescretion that he was willing to, reputation, school concerns be damned.

We, at KU, should be very proud to have a coach--and a man--like Bill Self here leading our teams. Both he (and Roy for that matter) have proven to be not only great coaches, but also good, decent people. Folks at Kentucky, Memphis and reap what you sow.

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