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Minors, bars cited in underage drinking sting

Legal age to drink is 21. Go by the law or pay the price. If you don't like it work to change it. That's what needs to get started. Call, write, email your congressmen, senators, whoever. I agree that if you can go to war at 18 you should be able to buy a drink, but it is the law. Of course, no one checks how bright you are for either but that's another story. If the same bars get checked then they should be diligent. This is a college town and there are the favorites, the "in" places and most accessible so not hard to figure out which ones will be checked regularly.

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City to consider whether to name park after former Lawrence fire chief

I can see naming it after either Chief McSwain or Firefighter Blair. Maybe it should be Fireman's Park in Honor Of or In Memory Of with names? That way it could serve to honor many.

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Lawrence student advances in national bee

Congratulations Emma! Good luck in the competition.
You are already a winner !

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15-year-old girl injured while crossing the street near outdoor swimming pool

Be safe everyone. It's always a good idea to look out for the other guy even if you have the right of way.

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Cemetery will lack flags for Memorial Day as poles turn up missing

It is sad. Those flags flying is a beautiful sight.

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Tuition victims

Exactly! Hidden costs, rising costs, economy, all these come in to play. I'm glad some can afford to send their kids to college without loans but what about those who can't. Sometimes circumstances change drastically and you can't plan for everything. What about the kids with parents who tell them you're 18 you're on your own? What are they supposed to do? Work their way through. It will take years. Some schools are pricing themselves right out of business.

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Task force says coordinator needed to spearhead efforts to attract retirees to Lawrence

It's great if you can afford it but what about the people who are already here or who can't afford it? What about the lifelong residents who are disabled and "retirement" facilities won't take them because they are disabled, under 60-65, and don't have the big bucks? What if their family is in the area and wants them to be close? I can see both sides but let's not forget our own. I agree with the poster who said we need places seniors and others like to go to eat such as Golden Corral, etc. Lawrence doesn't have a place like that anymore. They can't drive to Topeka or KC all the time but their hometown doesn't offer it. This town isn't all about KU or the well to do. It's about real people from different backgrounds, many who have lived here their entire life and want to stay here.

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City officials tell Orscheln Farm and Home it can't sell chickens or ducks from its Lawrence store

I would love to see the scrambling going on at City Hall trying to do damage control. They aren't "raising" anything, they are selling them for others to raise. What a joke. I am so in agreement with above postings. Fix something that is of real concern and leave the baby chicks alone. Geez.

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County forming panel to study towing prices

A price list would solve a lot. We paid a horrendous price to "the next one on the list". It was robbery to be towed a mile and pay what they charged. 3 months later we called another company when we got stuck on highway 10. They charged HALF of what the other company did and this was from out of town!!! Yes, something is seriously wrong.

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