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District orders changes to 8th grade slavery lesson

I thought this was a wonderful lesson to have our children experience on some level what it may have been like. It was all done very appropriately I thought. If we want our children to be aware, learn, and have an honest sense of history, projects like this are the best. I think the students appreciate this more than parents.

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Trick-or-treaters take over downtown

I don't know if these are pictures ljw took or what others submitted but there should be more photos with kids. The down town trick or treating is for them. I don't have a problem with parents dressing up. I think that's just another fun family activity and it can be good for the kids to have their parents get into the spirit of things. I don't think adults should have been trying to score candy.
I would hope there are more pictures of kids showing up soon.

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Former president of First National Bank of Lawrence Lynn Anderson helped community flourish

My condolences to Heather. I had the good fortune to become acquainted with Mr. Anderson when I was in high school through his daughter. A genuine, kind person with a great sense of humor and fun.

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Facebook page concerns parents of Lawrence High students

If there is cyber bullying, online gossip, anything that can cause our children distress, there best be something they can do about it. Bullying is bullying. You can watch what your kids do but what about other kids? If it starts online, it will make it to the school in the hallways, classrooms or other events. Parents, police and school officials need to pay attention.

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Water main break spurs detour on 19th Street

Nope, no detour signs during the heavy morning traffic. They started work on that before 5:45 yesterday evening so plenty of time to get signs up I would think. I get why they are closing that whole block off because of the slight hill going west. The school bus driver should have known better as should everyone else. It said the road was closed.

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Kansas urging caution with fireworks amid drought

I know the police are busy and we all feel they aren't doing enough. I've complained about the really loud ones that rattle the windows in the wee hours and have gotten responses that either they are too busy or they've been warned. I do hope that police quit giving warnings and serve the fines. It's illegal, it's dangerous and if there is no common sense, they can fork over a lot of cents in exchange. I'm all for having fun but I'm tired of those who don't follow the rules especially when it's so hazardous.

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Fort Hays State banks $1.5M yearly from China

Agreed that KU has a lot more choices. However, if FHSU offers your area of study and you can get a good quality education, KU is way overpriced. Those students who dream of going to KU because they are from Lawrence or had family who went are paying a lot but not getting any more than if they go elsewhere. So, go elsewhere, right? That's not the issue though. I still think KU has made and continues to make changes that don't attract the students it was meant to. FHSU has found a way to keep the costs down for those who attend the Hays campus while providing an opportunity elsewhere. Pretty clever.

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Town Talk: Plans for new Kwik Shop at 19th and Mass. may change; Bowersock warns of dam dangers for fishermen; perhaps hope remains for city's small curbside recyclers

Kwik Shop has no business expanding that store. It's causes a lot of traffic issues as it is. And it's not the cleanest or most efficient store around either. One person on duty in the morning rush when people stop to get a coffee or drink. Line takes forever. I refuse to stop there any more due to congestion both inside and out. Half the time the fountain doesn't work right. It's been this way for quite some time so they best not use the excuse that they wanted to expand that's why they haven't fixed things or added another staff at times. Clean it, fix it and staff it.

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In Plain Sight 6/14/2012 (Solved)

I don't recall anything like that in Memorial Park. I guess I need to drive by T's.

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