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City gateway taking shape

Marion Lynn

Are the rural and country folk of Baldwin, Ottawa, Garnett and Lawrence supporting the once run down, trailer park, empty field that has been recently developed into the Best Buy-Home Depot area?

No-there is empty retail/business space still sitting. Waiting.... O' I'm sorry we have a UPS Store and another small sporting goods store trying to survive.

August 19, 2006 at 9:13 a.m. ( | suggest removal )

City gateway taking shape

It will be OK if some new main-stream dinning was available. I think that would attract people to the area for shopping.

However, if lawrence employeers would pay employees a wage that complements the cost of living in lawrence then all these smaller retail shops could have a chance to stay in business. There have been several "GOOD"shops and "GOOD" people loose their business' at the 6th and Wakarusa shopping center. I can only forsee this again if small mom and pop shops open in the area.

The development isn't going to help the job market. College or high school kids ususally work these type of jobs and are only around for 1-4years. Students as employees are replacable and cheap labor. This is another way employeers keep wages down.

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How much money have you spent on attending the Wakarusa Music Festival?

We volunter for a charity beer stand so we got in Free. This helped save money so we where able to spend money at the other Vendor stands.

Last night my husband and I might of hit about $100.00 for food, drinks, and clothing. We are hoping to go again tonight, it just depends on the weather.

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