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Line-cutting, mobbing has KU Athletics reviewing Late Night admittance protocol

I've gone to Late Night every year since I was in elementary school. I remember the pushing/shoving & big crowds, but never this bad. It was ridiculous. I was at the front of the line on the East side and I got in & got a great seat, but I was so anxious & hot once I got in there that I couldn't even enjoy myself. (Not to mention, my husband was stuck outside & got there right at 5:30p.m. when the doors were suppose to open & they already said they weren't letting anyone else in). At that point, they only let people in w/a reserved ticket even though the event had started at 6:30p.m., several people were still outside hoping to get in, but reserved ticket holders were still showing up late & got in. Completely unacceptable. Show up on time or forfeit your seat to a DIEHARD fan that deserves to be there. (Luckily my husband ended up getting in).

Speaking of hot, w/all the money donated to KU for those reserved seats, can't they afford to get some AC? Seriously! That was insane! If people didn't get hurt when the doors got rushed, I can't believe they didn't pass out from the heat! Maybe it's time we upgrade? More seating? Bigger seats since no one is really only 12 inches wide? AC? With all the money the school has, I'm pretty sure they can afford some more upgrades & I think it's time. Either way, I love this event & I will continue to go.

As for people cutting the line, it's going to happen w/o any crowd control. A guy camped out the night before by himself, but let 12-14 people cut the FRONT of the line in front of me. That's unacceptable. I don't care if he attempts to save them a seat, but don't let your entire family cut in front of others who actually have waited all morning/afternoon.

I agree that they need to do something or else this event isn't going to be enjoyable for all those who love KU b-ball & love a chance at seeing the players before the season starts. It would be very disappointing to end Late Night as it's a HUGE tradition to most KU fans, but it would be equally disappointing to have it continue to be a disaster like it was this year. Maybe it will take someone getting hurt & them getting sued before they do something about it?

I don't know but they have less than a year to figure it out so hopefully they will take everyone's comments & make some changes. Just another thought, what if they held it 2 nights, Friday & Saturday? Maybe let the family, friends, athletes, rich folks go one night & then the general public & students the next night or something like that? Makes sense to have it 2 nights so it isn't as packed or hot & everyone gets a chance at going. They'd probably even make more money w/concessions & clothing sales, etc. I think that would eliminate a lot of the mess. Just saying. :-)

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Line-cutting, mobbing has KU Athletics reviewing Late Night admittance protocol

I agree that there needs to be more crowd control. They can't just have people standing INSIDE the doors & expect them to somehow be able to control the crowd on the OUTSIDE. They need to post the rules & parking info. WEEKS in advance b/c some people still think they can get away w/taking in their backpacks, chairs, blankets etc. This is a BIG hold up & would be eliminated if the rules were available to everyone via the internet/newspaper.

Selling tickets would be a good idea at a first come, first serve basis. I think they should only be $5-10 at most & should be donated to a charity. The tickets should be available either online or at HyVee & should be sold in order like any concert, "best available seat." That way there is no need for people to camp out & be there hrs. in advance & rush the door. At least if there was a crowd waiting to enter, it'd be minimal.

I don't see the need for the band, considering they only play the Star Spangled Banner which can be played overhead, plus, they had a DJ this year & a lot of the music comes from the videos they show. Not to mention, all the athletes they save seats for in the student section. That's a lot of seats. I feel like they should have seats on the side of the court for them or something, even though I do agree that the students play a big part in our b-ball tradition, as I was once a student, but they have access to many games/events for cheap & I don't think they deserve priority for Late Night. As for the rich folks donating a pretty penny for some reserved seats, that's just a bunch of BS! It's definitely not fair that they get reserved seats & some extras so they can show up right on time and some, late, while others have to take off work or rush to get there in time. A good amount of the fans cannot afford to pay $10,000+, let alone $75 or more for a single game ticket, so clearly these people are getting priority. It just isn't fair. Friends & family of the players also get seats, but they get these to every home game as well, no need for them to be included in Late Night. Same goes for previous players/alumni. I saw one ex-basketball player & his fiance show up around 8p.m. I just think that's unacceptable since so many other people had been waiting since 10a.m. & didn't even get in.

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