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Would you replace your lawn with artificial turf?

It would be like living in Arizona all over again.......

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Haskell reaches deal to bolster interaction with Environmental Protection Agency

So who are you to criticize Haskell and its education program. For many of us, WE have graduated and continued on and received a masters and doctorates degrees from other institiutions. In comparison between institutions there is no difference in education. Haskell prepares any graduate to succeed, its the choice of the student to take advantage or not ,so do not criticize Haskell for the wrong doings of student choices. It is like any other college, and I am very proud that I am a part of the Haskell family. All these comments just reinforce why Native Americans need to be more educated and attend Haskell Indian Nations University because people want to keep us down and it just comes down to ignorance! I am a Lakota Winyan, Strong, and Proud!

Thank you my Haskell family and I love you ALWAYS!!


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Open season on mushrooms

if u wanted to sell these, WHERE and WHO would u sell them @?

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