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Kansas women bounce ’Roos

First off, nice win. A couple of things: Boogard, please work on shooting the ball immediately when it comes to thinking...just catch and shoot! You are a big presence and you could be unstoppable...and good 'bounds tonight. Aisha, you are not living up to your potential. You are a phenomenal athlete, with an unbelievable talent. Rock the B-12 girlfriend! Moore, you are incredibly quick and fun to watch. Same with Brown...very quick. This is a fun team. Oh, one more thing, OFFENSIVE REBOUNDS....seriously! Good luck on Saturday! I have a KSU friend actually coming to the game and wearing a KU shirt. I can't wait to get a picture of THAT for Facebook! Ha!

One note on the new AD saying he was excited about the upcoming Wednesday Mens game. I'm excited too, but a little disappointed Dr. Zenger didn't mention the tonight's Womens game. I did see him and his family there though, so he redeemed himself. Anyway, welcome to Lawrence. We like taking good people from Illinois. ;-)

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Brownback wins race for Kansas governor

...Wait a minute...'W' is the arrogant and ignorant I know you speak of...and...I am very embarrassed by the choices of the unwashed masses. At least now I feel proud our leader is literate.....and well educated....and good looking....and respectful...and so on, and so on....oh, and believes that everyone should be treated equally...

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Brownback wins race for Kansas governor

...and acceptance is the answer to all my fears,,,,

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Polls close in Lawrence, Kansas candidates await election results

Here come the concentration camps.......

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Brownback wins race for Kansas governor

The condition of this country will be George Dubya's fault for a long time to come. What was this country thinking then....and what are they thinking now?? The country hicks woke up from their long nap...

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Brownback wins race for Kansas governor

Here come the concentration camps....

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McLouth High football player Trevor Roberts loses part of leg after compound fracture during game

I know Trevor's guardians a little bit. They are good people, and it's nice to see things starting to work out. Life throws some curve balls sometimes. Trevor is a strong man, and will get through this.

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Lawrence bicycle committee reviews old sidewalk law

I can't wait for the lawsuits to come pouring in when people get run over by bicycles downtown on the sidewalks. It is a problem right now because the bikers don't pay attention to the signs, or have any common sense. Don't make it legal. The sidewalks are full of people walking downtown. It would be a poor decision by the commission.

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North Dakota State stuns Jayhawks, 6-3

This is so long I don't even want to read it...just sayin...

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North Dakota State stuns Jayhawks, 6-3

First of all, K-State fans stay out of our message boards. Secondly, NDSU is not a horrible team. Thirdly, It's one game and now they can see what is wrong and what is right with the team. Fourthly, Coach Gill isn't the one who fumbled and dropped passes...every time he touched the ball. Fifthly, Gill is a better person than Mangino ever was. Sixthly, K-State fans are just gross and nasty. Seventhly, Jayhawks are the windshield and K-State are the bugs. Eighthly,.....I'm tired....we'll be OK. It's football. It's fun. Enjoy the afternoons at Memorial Stadium.

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