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Powerlifter to take place among elite American Indian athletes in national hall of fame

Wow, way to go, Brady! You represent Lawrence well.

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Lawrence man charged, three juveniles arrested, in robbery of pedestrian at gunpoint

The firefighters were at Jason's Deli having dinner. I saw them. They don't usually put that type of thing in the paper. Come on LJWorld! Slacking! :)

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Lawrence man sentenced to four days in jail, anger management classes, for tying dog's hind legs

"After Snowton completes a court-ordered anger management course, he can reclaim the dog, Chloe, from the Humane Society, Malone said."

Are you frigging kidding me? He is getting the dog back?! Holy Mother of God.

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Sound Off: Parking ticket

ha ah ahahaha ha. .....and then comes a warrant in the mail. Yeah, let's listen to him!

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Sound Off: Parking ticket

Hours are in every meter's window.

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Police respond to animal cruelty complaint at KU fraternity

I have an idea. Lets break the legs and arms of those idiots involved and let them scream as they flail around in pain for a couple of hours. Woo hoo!! Now, THAT sounds like a good time. I think I would be willing to spend time in jail just to be a part of something like that. What a bunch of jerks. Truely unbelievable. I think everyone in the room should be ashamed for life and everyone kicked out of the university. Every day of your life you will remember the inhumane treatment you all caused an innocent turkey. I guess speaking for those weaker than yourselves is lost on the likes of you. Live with that.

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Family trying to find dog that bit woman

What, no pictures of the bite? Come on Journal World. It sounds like it was a bad attack. Is she in the hospital? Did they sew her up?

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Heartbreaker in New Orleans

My bracket had you guys winning the national championship. I always believed, just like you did. You rocked it good this year guys. Thanks for an incredible year. I know this hurts right now, but if someone asked me if I would rather lose to MU in Allen Fieldhouse, the last conference game, for the conference title, or lose this game to an incredible UK team... Guess which one I would pick? I hate Missouri. You did us PROUD men! Thanks to Coach Self and staff also. You were brilliant during this run.

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Heartbreaker in New Orleans

I love our coach. I would have said one thing... Slam dunk the basketball instead of attempting a layup. We would have won by 30 points. Nice season though guys. You brought us a lot of fun times here in Lawrence.

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Tennessee dominates second half in 84-73 victory over KU women in Sweet 16

Every one was gassed... worn out... cahpoots. She didn't even play Bunny Williams, or Asia Boyd. Two plays that have proven good minutes in this tournament. Didn't even play them. Rather wear her starters down to a nub. Maybe we could have made it through the end with a win. Just a thought for the next game... oh, wait... season is over.
Nice season gals! You excited a town! Thanks for your hard work. We are so proud of you.

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