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Gingrich wins South Carolina primary

The Newt is a front runner! Never has this life-long Democrat seen a better "standard-bearer of hypocrisy" in a pool of Republican front runners, and that’s saying a lot. Please, oh please, throw all of your funds and support behind this beacon of marital fidelity!

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Cryptogram: Quote

Love Poe, and yes there is ___ when the issue strikes at the core!

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Swampyville's - "Wasted Chances" - You're the Poet!

Not sure if I'm following the rules, Swampyville. Still, you've made me feel poetic once again:

Sacrificing dreams anchored in inner thoughts. Flowered gardens, far outside of budget; Wilting down to vacant lots. There again, to never create an idea worth discussion; Superficial, life has worn me thin. Wasted youth filled with hope and blanketed with fear; Fertile fields, to my vision obscured never again to come before my imagination; Memories, none to purchase or discuss, When there is no one to hear. It matters little.

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The Best Of?? In Plain Sight

I remembered it, and thought it very clever. Please continue to post these pictorial quizzes, Dave. Along with your cryptograms, they are pure entertainment.

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In Plain Sight 8/31/2011 (Solved)

I think sr80 nailed it.

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Cryptogram: Winston Churchill

Got it. Good quote, useful advice to many far beyond the political realm. Thanks for posting.

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G+ One week out.

Sorry, Paul, but I can't provide an in-depth discussion on the topic. However, my Nephew, whom I love dearly, has been among my family on Facebook for several years now. We've shared events and pictures and quotations. In short, I've enjoyed Facebook as a vehicle to keep in touch with him. Do I care about advertisers and privacy? Not much. The former provides entertainment when they email or call and the latter is not an interest to anyone beyond my family. So when Jeffery, my Nephew, tried to invite me to Google recently, I was directed to a user name and password logon. After unsuccessfully trying to enter the site and getting rejected (how the hell am I suppose to remember if I ever logged on to Google?) , I laughed and thought about grabbing a beer. Better luck next time grabbing the interest of Boomers, who have no time for nonsense other than tips for retirement.

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Amy Winehouse found dead in N London apartment

Hi Ronda!

Yes, I agree...the Beatles did a great job with fame. My son, Adam, made the mistake of leaving the double white CD on my dresser. So, being the good Baby Boomer parent that I am, I denied ever
seeing it and have been enjoying it on the commute to work ever since.

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Amy Winehouse found dead in N London apartment

Maybe a bit overwhelmed by her fame. Our first clue should have been the denial of treatment. R.I.P. Amy.

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Photos and untold stories from Clinton Cemetery

Thanks for posting, Dave. I love visiting gravesites and imaging what it must have been like during the time those individuals were alive. A harder life than ours, no doubt. I try to think, too, about the stories behind the sayings on the headstones and who loved them and what they might have valued and "stood for". I agree with what sad lawrence said about the older headstones out east. We visited the graveyard in Boston by the Old North Church and those memories still reside in me.

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