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What have you done today at the Kansas City Renaissance Festival?

Speaking of medieval, did anyone see that "Wife Swap" show with the modern medieval couple and their two children? Life as renaissance festival....

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Do we all need a car?

I lived for four years in Seattle without a car - depending on walking, public transportation, and rides w/friends. If I wanted to get out into the mountains or woods for a weekend (or to other places where public transportation did not go), I would rent a car from Enterprise ($15/day).

There was a neighborhood car sharing project that I thought about participating in (I can't remember the project name now), but ended up moving before I figured that out. Having a car available (at a cheap rate) when you really want or need it makes not owning a car much more tolerable.

I was walking distance from work in Seattle, but a number of people biked as well (one person lived across the lake from the office and kayaked to work regularly!). Showers and lockers were available on-site, which really helped inspire people to bike/walk/kayak, etc.

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Do you use

I think we're going to start creating and using video as a communication medium a lot more and YouTube's popularity is a sign of things to come.

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Attempt at MySpace intrusion criticized

If DOPA passes in the senate, it's much more than MySpace that will be censored in schools and libraries. The types of sites included under the act include blogs, Flickr (and other photo sharing sites), and more. Using the term "online predators" in the name just shows how little people in power know about the big picture and the value these types of tools have.

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Yakkin' about kayakin'

Great article! I have lived in states where canoeing and kayaking are probably more popular than they are here (Washington and Minnesota), but I think the KS weather is a great match for the sport. With some waterproof clothing, I am pretty much able to kayak throughout the year here. It's great!

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Do you think $30 million is too much for the city to spend on a new library?

If I ran the library, I would have a section with instructional information about how-to use roundabouts and would have driving experts offer classes on the topic, too.

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Do you think $30 million is too much for the city to spend on a new library?

I doubt that many of the people reading and responding to this post have a clear idea what the appropriate dollar amount would be. It's fun to get an 8th graders opinion, but doesn't it seem obvious that he/she is going to think $30 million is too much to spend on anything? Lawrence is the progressive independent thinker's oasis in Kansas. Doesn't it make sense that the library should reflect that prioritization of information and education? Public libraries are at the heart of a community. Visit the Topeka Library any day of the week and at any time. Just look around at who is using the facility and what they are doing. All ages and classes and races. Topeka is a town with its fair share of problems (:crime, Phelps:), but the people who live in that community can and should feel incredibly proud of that library.

The popularity of the Internet has done nothing to diminish the need for and the use of public libraries. People need "third places" actual physical places where they can come together for meetings, for study groups, and for community. If you have kids, won't you want to take them to storytime? Don't you want people who cannot afford to buy their own books or who cannot afford to have a home computer to have opportunities, which can actually help empower them and maybe even help them better their economic situation? Are there any other institutions in our society that serve this bipartisan role in our supposedly democratic society? For a town that values education and informed thinking as highly as Lawrence does, the library should be beautiful, innovative, and a source of community pride. Let's support this project get involved with it it's OUR library that is being built after all.

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Do you think Lawrence as a city is mean to the homeless?

It is a myth that most people who are experiencing homeless are in that situation by choice. Do you know that 20% of those persons are children? Probably not their choice.

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Do you think Lawrence as a city is mean to the homeless?

It's interesting that most people are responding by expressing their opinions about individuals who are experiencing homelessness, when this question is in response to the policies/ordinances that have been written in this community. To be a great (or even good) community, we need to advocate for programmatic responses to the problems rather than simply berating individuals. Do we understand the complex issues that are really at work here? Most often a person who is homeless is not homeless by choice. There are complex reasons that reflect larger societal issues. We need to be respectful of the individuals we encounter AND we also need to support and advocate for policies, ordinances, and services that can help create the changes that are needed.

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