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Offbeat Occupations: Doula wants positive experience for moms

Stefanie was my doula with my daughter at the Birth and Women's Center and with my twin boys at OPR. I can't second DaniB strongly enough. Not only was she incredible during the deliveries, but I have no doubt I would have ended up with a c-section with the twins without her. She recommended the OB we had to switch to at 22 weeks and because I trusted Stefanie so much, we didn't even consider anyone else. The OB turned out to be a rockstar, I got the natural delivery I wanted and Stefanie played an instrumental role throughout.

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President Barack Obama's birth certificate released by White House

The "powers that be" are not the American people. The powers that be are the laws of the United States. What he released 3 years ago was sufficient under the laws of Hawaii and the laws of the US. Unless you are a black man with a funny name, then you have to double dog prove it!

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Gay Marriage, Gay Adoption

Isn't something that occurs in nature by definition natural? Homosexuality is well documented throughout the animal world. I doubt penguins and chimps were indoctrinated by reruns of MASH or Sex and the City.

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Divisive plan?

No one does apparently. I've seen some research that says 15-20 percent of the population are completely unnecessary to economic growth, they are essentially unhirable and don't buy enough junk. The MNCs are more interested in making inroads in China and India than they are in selling their goods and services in America anyway. They don't give a hoot that our incomes are stagnant, they literally don't need us anymore.

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Kansas Rep. Virgil Peck apologizes for illegal immigrant, feral hogs remark

And keep in mind that states like Texas needs illegals so badly that their recent immigration legislation imposed penalties on employers hiring illegals, unless they were household help or landscapers. Can't do without the nannies, maids and gardeners.

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BYU hypocrisy

Jim McMahon, BYU quarterback in the 80's, said he was asked to leave BYU for violating the honor code. After he played in the bowl game of course.

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God’s presence is felt, not proven

What evidence would that be? Surely if it existed, it would have a Facebook page.

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God’s presence is felt, not proven

Their self-respect. And their sanity to a certain extent.

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God’s presence is felt, not proven

Yeah, because it is so hard for man to write a book that answers all the questions posed in a book previously written by another man. You can't even provide evidence that Jesus actually existed as a man, let alone as a crazy guy who claimed he was god.

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