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Basketball notebook: UNC hires son of ex-KU athletic director

The "Crushed Dove" was Al Bohl. I think his dad was responsible for hiring Roy @ KU

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KU basketball notebook: KU-Syracuse recalled; Scot Pollard kills it

NO JOE......... YOU CAN'T GO!!!!!!

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Keegan: Tayler Tolefree prototype student-athlete

See Kids! This one STUDENT-athlete that should be held up for all to take notice of and model themselves after! Ms. Tolfree you indeed are a role model!
Thank you very much!

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Milton Doyle spoke with Self on phone before deciding to transfer

Somebody has got into his mothers head and said this kid is a "one and done" Thank you Isahi Thomas!

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Fenway fun day: Marty "The Duck" Pattin shows grandson around

I was lucky enough when I was about old as Bailey when I attend a game and ended up at the bottom of a scrum for a foul ball and came out alive with the ball! As i was leaving the stadium I ran into Marty and he was kind enough to talk about the game ,sign the ball and do the "Duck" for me. What great childhood memory!

Thanks "Bailey Grandpa"!

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Recruit Ioannis Papapetrou commits to Texas

Nice post! NOOOOOTTTTT! Next time try it before you go out and drink

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