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Wakarusa Fest may not play on

Really.What jobs are these folks applying for? more I look at that picture, the more I wonder what the current definition/stereotype of "dirty hippy" might be! From where I come from "dirty hippy" usually implies at least one of the following long hair, tie dye t-shirts, dread locks, and filthy clothing (something like this I don't really see ANYONE in this picture that fits the above description (short of one tie dye bikini top and a head band). So, what is the current criteria for being a "dirty hippy"? Inquiring minds would like to know.

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Wakarusa Fest may not play on

>What jobs are these folks applying for?>, what short sidedness. DO YOU REALLY THINK THAT THE MAJORITY OF PEOPLE IN THIS PHOTO DO NO WORK? The only person in that photo that looks to me like a full time college student is the one with a beer. I will bet that at the very least 70% of the people in this photo hold full time career jobs. Just because these people are under 30 doesn't mean that they do not work. If you look at this picture these people tend to be between 25 and 30. All with short enough hair to hold positions in any business. These people are on vacation having fun. Would you wear business attire to a camping/music festival?Someone also suggested that Wakarusa patrons police themselves. Wakarusa has had a program for the past two years that has done just that. They are known as the St. Bernard's. Many of the things that people are complaining about have been addresses by Wakarusa management and by the patrons themselves. Of course if you don't actually go out to the festival how would you know that.

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Wakarusa Fest may not play on

Regarding spending in the Lawrence area. Although most festival patrons do camp, many others purchase hotel space. Furthermore, nearly all of the artists that perform at Wakarusa use hotel rooms. Many patrons fly into KCI and purchase most all of their gear/food/beverages in the Lawrence area . I would bet that most patrons will buy at least one tank of gas and one meal on the Lawrence economy (if 10,000 people buy a $50.00 tank of gas they would spend $500,000). In addition Wakarusa spends thousands on supporting the event's infrastructure which includes hiring technical personnel, construction personnel, event management, security, purchase of most supplies, rental of most equipment. Money doesn't have to be spent by patrons in Lawrence businesses for this event to be a boon to the Lawrence economy across the board.I am over 40 and have been to every Wakarusa. Since the gestapo year 0f 2006 the crowds have dwindled (who would want to travel to subject themselves to that kind of treatment) and the average age of festival patron has gone up a few years. By scheduling Wakarusa before Bonnaroo, Wakarusa has all but eliminated the element of the "festival tour rat" (i.e. kids that latch onto a moving tour, these kids come from eastern cities and are not likely to start a tour in Kansas but they would sure finish one here if that is where the road takes them, then some would stay and panhandle to get back to wherever they came from). The VAST majority of Wakarusa patrons are post college folks trying to get established in the working world (these are the MANY that come to Wakarusa that no one seems to notice since they look like the rest of the world). It is sad that a few hate mongers on this forum can't see the value of this event to the many tax paying citizens that do choose to patronize.

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Cameras, checkpoints gone

reginafliangie (Anonymous) says:

I have a question liberty4all, why is it only drinking and driving don't mix? I have seen plenty of people get intoxicated and act like crazy people, breaking things, fighting, etc. They don't have to drive to cause damage or hurt others.

My comment merely stated that the vast majority of these intoxicated people would not be on the public roadway (as opposed to events where people commonly leave while intoxicated). Therefore being a menace to the community (especially those that do not wish to have Wakarusa effect their lives). For the most part the people that attend Wakarusa expect a certain degree of intoxication. Personally, I haven't had a drink since 1987 but I choose to take my entertainment in this community. I have been to Wakarusa every year and of course there are people that have had a little too much too fast but there are far more that are enjoying a fine weekend and partying responsibly. I have seen very few incidences of violence or aggression at Wakarusa. In all honesty the worst thing that I have ever seen at Wakarusa was the overbearing police presence last year that made me feel like I was in some sort of concentration camp, this was the first time that I truly did not feel safe (I was nearly run over by two uniforms on an ATV).

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Cameras, checkpoints gone

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Sigmund (Anonymous) says:

I know of not a single case where anyone who challenged the hidden camera's had their charges dropped.
Of course you probably don't know of a single case that was prosecuted using evidence from the hidden cameras either. Unless the Douglas County Sheriff's Department and Douglas County District Attorney were lying at the ACLU forum when they stated that the hidden camera evidence was not used in prosecution of a single case. Therefore, you are correct but your point is completely moot. The reality is that these cameras were only used to spy on people.

We'll see how bad Douglas County wants the 8 million dollar weekend that could otherwise just go away. If it really bothers you that 15 thousand people most of which are from out of town come to Clinton Lake and have a fun weekend, (yes many will get intoxicated but practically none will be operating vehicles on public roadways) and then leave for the rest of the year, then you need to find a hobby or something to occupy your time because you are far too bored with your life.

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