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A new chief in town: Tarik Khatib outlines priorities for Lawrence police department

If forced to make a guess (and removing child sex abuse in the Catholic church from the calculation because that's one crime the police don't have much of a way to monitor due to the shield placed over religious organizations from having to play by the same rules as the rest of us), I'd estimate 99.4% of crimes can be blamed upon the victim. True random victims of crime certainly exist, but the hostage situations, 7-11 robberies, school shootings and what not are rare, because our police do an excellent job of preventing such things. They get a lot of press when they do happen not because they are common, but because they are uncommon, hence newsworthy.

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A new chief in town: Tarik Khatib outlines priorities for Lawrence police department

Problems exist in this nation, but policing has rarely been one of them. With few exceptions, victims of significant crime are those who put themselves in a position to be victimized. Only a modicum of common sense and keen observation is necessary to prevent falling victim in most instances. The zest to experience that which others haven't and to satisfy a selfish need to gain what others lack leads to victimization. The young girl who sleeps with the star basketball player may become a domestic abuse victim, but had she been content to settle for the proverbial nice normal guy, her problem never would have happened. The sober 53 year old victim of a DUI crash on his way home from the second shift at the factory could have easily chosen a route where he knows the drunken frat boys are much less likely to be driving their rich daddy's Lexus home from on the way back from a night of boozing. The drug addict could have never put himself into association with other seedy characters had he been strong enough to confront reality without the use of chemical. Police corruption is largely a straw man fallacy. Accidents do happen, yes, but “crime victim” is nearly an oxymoron. If you can't stay out of trouble in Lawrence Kansas, you'll likely have trouble staying out of trouble anywhere in America.

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