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Libraries are limited, obsolete

Gee...seems we have some interest in the new library. that in "Marion Librarian" about we consider the following relative to your desire for dialog regarding the 70 MILLION. What are you willing to spend money on? Do you vote against bond acts that provide funding for education? My take is that libraries can save the world...I believe in libraries. The Internet is...well what it cannot replace the library as a major institution of learning in any community. It is a tool...used appropriately a very good tool. Mr. Hirschey's comments are good for the discussion of what we need...better still, want from the library of the future. Starting with heart and soul of a community is is important to not get caught up in the tools...books, databases, technology, etc. What we need is people serving up the learning experiences most wanted by residents. We need a library because it offers a chance for all of us to learn...close the gaps that divide us. One individual commented about the purpose of the library being more about knowledge...rather than information. A gentleman named Mortimer Adler talked about the "four goods of the mind"..."information, knowlege, understanding and wisdom." I believe the library of the future needs to focus on human learning experiences that create a better understanding of the world around us. If you worry about spending money...consider what we spend of wars, prisions, etc. How do we best invest our tax dollars? We must prioritize and "do the right thing!" I really do not think paying fewer taxes so that individuals have more money is that great...I do believe we need to be prudent. Keeping more money for ourselves only widens the gap between the haves and havenots. Let's make sure we get a good bang for our buck...let's look at how much is being spent per square foot on the new library...what is being purchased, etc. Let's not cut off our nose to spite our face. peace

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