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Lions fail to capitalize on errors


Not sure where you are getting your information on coach Wedd saying speacial teams has no effect on the game becasue I graduated after your son and im pretty sure that he stressed every week during film about getting better at special teams. Then the next practice we would spend 30 min plus on special teams. I also have seen him stress to the field goal kicker that he has to make his field goals and extra points.

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Lions fail to capitalize on errors

Number One Grandma
You say that FSHS athletics are better than LHS and that FSHS usually beats LHS in most sports. This might be true but aren't state championships what matter. Since the split of the two schools back in 1997 LHS has 10 state championships to FSHS 3. FSHS may have more wins in regular seasons against LHS but I am pretty sure that post season is where winning games matter. The regular season is preparing a team for the post season. Preparing a team for post season is the coaches job correct? Well if that is true I believe that FSHS coaches are inferior to to LHS coaches in that aspect. If FSHS coaches (not naming any names) want to play 3-A,4-A schools in the regular season to make them look better so be it. But to me it sounds like some FSHS coaches resemble a coach at Manhattan High School who will never play anyone good

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