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City wins $1.2 million grant to restore Santa Fe depot

This is good news because the nearby river squatters and transients need a more attractive building to hang around and urinate on.

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Police investigating shooting in parking lot of Lawrence McDonald's

When they are getting callous and impudent enough to shoot-it-out in a McDonalds parking lot at 3:00 PM then it won't be long before our little city of Lawrence, KS will be a smaller version of crime invested KC-K, East St. Louis, Detroit and Camden, NJ.

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Club Magic manager says he's trying to turn around a new business at an old, and troubled, location

Regardless of the business name, the location or the age of the patrons, the problem will continue because crime, drugs and violence are cultural normalcy for that segment of the population.

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City ordinance lands unlicensed solicitors in jail

It's the great tea party republican free market at it's finest.

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Lawhorn's Lawrence: A poet warrior fights to tell story of Vietnam

“It is tragic when you realize how many warriors could survive combat but couldn’t survive peace,” Musgrave says.

That is one of the most profound statements I have ever heard. Thank you Mr. Musgrave.

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Business-oriented political action committee gets big donations, endorses Chestnut, Farmer, Riordan in City Commission race

Collusion and corruption are strong supporters of Lawrence United.

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Lions’ Jake Mosiman second-teamer

Two years behind where you should be can make a huge difference at the high school level.

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City review committee fails to recommend approval of incentives for Rock Chalk Park development; City Commission to vote tonight

The three C's control Lawrence, KS. -- Collusion, Cronyism, Corruption.

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Do you forgive Lance Armstrong now that he’s confessed to doping?

right on bro...you're talking my knid of talk dude...
...be the best ER nurse you can be even if that means doping
...be the best truck driver you can be even if that means doping
...be the best airline pilot you can be even if that means doping
...be the best unemployed idiot you can be even if that means doping
are you...like...picking up what I'm laying down man

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End-game defense vexes LHS boys in loss at ONW

A common indicator of AAU-type influence on a regular school team is too much hotdogging, showboating and a self centered attention seeking. A few individuals get material for their hi-lite videos, but the team loses.

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