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House committee approves splitting Kansas City, Kan.; Democrats allege 'gerrymandering'

Anthony Hensley drew a map this summer that portrays the very map that the House GOP approved. O'Neal insisted at various public meetings of the redistricting committee around the state that such a map would never be considered. Guess what, that map is what O'Neal voted on to break the tie in that committee and which he now supports. No gerrymandering there. No truth from the speaker, either!

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House approves tax cuts despite misgivings

Uh, ladies & gentlemen, the time to act on misgivings is before you approve the bill, not after. This not good for Kansans. You all have a lot of legislation to work on, slow down and WORK on it, don't just approve because leadership says so. They are the ones who claimed that Jim Ward's amendment was a good one without reading it. What you do everyday affects all Kansas from womb to tomb not just the upper crust. Oh, there I go again, asking for common sense from the majority party. Oops!

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Republicans rebuff Democratic property tax cut plan

Just makes me wonder: what good does it do to lower income taxes when we have such a high unemployment number? To say that a lower income tax will bring business to Kansas just doesn't seem to make sense. Besides who would come to Kansas when the roads turn to mush, women are not allowed insurance coverage for care of their own reproductive organs,
schools will eventually be funded under a plan that will make them unequal across the state, necessary services are cut to the most needy, and much more to come from our "severely conservative" administration? Oh yeah, and the exercise of the right to vote becomes harder for a large part of the electorate.

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Senate committee approves map putting Lawrence in 2nd U.S. House District

Boo hoo Amanda. Some legislators are trying to approach redistricting in a sensible, non-partisan way. Have you looked at any of the maps for state representatives? Now there is some gerrymandering!

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SRS Secretary Siedlecki steps down, returning to Florida

Not sad to see Siedlecki go--at all! Too bad he can't take some more of Brownbackward's out of state hirees with him. And some of his in-state appointees, as well. Kind of scary though, Siedlecki was the best Sam the sham could find, what troll will he dig up now? And how much of an increase in salary will the new person get?

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School funds

Another way for Brownback to lessen the state's responsibility to its citizens. Think SRS. "Suitable" is a key word in school funding and needs to be addressed. Eliminating the cap on the local option budget would not create an atmosphere of quality education for all Kansas kids which is in the best interest of the state. Some kid in Cheyenne County could have the potential to make significant steps in the medical field but due to the lack of funding for her education, could well be stymied in that endeavor by receiving a mediocre vs challenging education. Seems like more of the "I got mine, to hell with you" BS.

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Jenkins files for 2nd district seat

Lynn Jenkins has traveled the 2nd district??! Don't remember when she was in Southeast Kansas! Don't believe she know our issues at all. Boyda actually does travel the 2nd district and knows and addresses our issues.

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LIVE BLOG: President Bush visits Kansas to boost Ryun

Bush + Ryun=SSDD (Same s*#@, different day.)

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