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Kansas GOP right sees less spending, more tax cuts

The comedians are also hoping Sam the Sham runs for president. It would be good for their business.

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GOP taking aim at Dems

IF the conservatives win like they did in 2010 and the 2012 primary, we can only hope the pendulum has hit its highest peak. When the dust settles after this election, the citizens of Kansas may begin to see what they have done to themselves. But hope springs eternal, vote democratic and watch the pendulum on the downward turn toward sense and bipartisanship. The lies the Kansans for Liberty, Kook brothers, State Chamber and Americans for Prosperity (their own) surely will bring some karma somewhere along the line.

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Kansas House, District 44: Patrick Bengtson vs. Barbara Ballard

Usually the republicans say "vote republican that is the only way things will get done". To heck with "divide", they want a one-party legislature to ensure that Brownback to the 50's will get everything he asks for. This guy sounds like he just needs a job and has no clue what
is involved.

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State Board of Ed., District 4: Carolyn Campbell vs. Jack Wu

Well, this one is not a hard decision to make! Campbell all the way.

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Kansas House chamber set to host Christian workshop

Are you kidding me? There is no place else for a religious group to meet than in state chambers?

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GOP moderates in Kansas may get help from Democrats

So correct, Autie. I only have one vote, it is all mine and I chose to use it for a moderate incumbent and a vote against Brownie and his groupies. This has been the worst 3 1/2 weeks of my life but as of tomorrow I will be back in the light.

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Kobach predicts first statewide test of photo ID to vote will be a success

Kobach predicts a low 18% turnout for the primary. This doesn't sound like "a success".
People are feeling confused and disenfranchised. But by golly, there will be NO voter fraud. Just as in years past. Why doesn't he try to increase ease of voting instead of making it harder. Hope all those voters he claims are dead show up Tuesday with their current IDs

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Do you support Gov. Sam Brownback's income tax cuts?

Not only no but hell, no. He blows a lot Sam's Highway to disaster and higher taxes for the poor & middle class working men & women as well higher property and, most likely, sales tax.

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Proposed legislation uses religion to cancel out science

Hopefully, never to rise again.

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Kansas government ranks in top 10 in transparency

Boy, the other 41 must REALLY be bad..

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