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Joplin tornado death toll climbs to 89

Does anyone know if places around here that are taking donations for Joplin or Reading to help with tornado relief.

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Rollover accident on Clinton Parkway and Kasold Drive

I bet this guy can start looking for a new job or be suspended from driving the company car for a long time unless its was one of the Mcgrew's children then they will be grounded till pigs learn how to fly.

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NASCAR driver helps bring community center to Emporia

this is great to see guys from Nascar like Clint giving back to their hometown and try to better communities. i'm pretty sure Emporians and Lyon county residents will greatly enjoy this facility when it opens

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Lawrence firefighter reaches diversion agreement in national anthem case

vertigo i extend a big a salute to you from one service member to another and pray for your safe return. i am currently preparing for deployment to the middle east myself and agree with everything you said above.

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Lawrence firefighter reaches diversion agreement in national anthem case

as being a graduate/ former band member of the high school where this altercation took place, if a parent or person in the stands was not paying attention to what was going on the field with the marching band they would not know to remove their hat for the simple fact that in my three years there no announcement was ever made for people to rise and remove their hat for the playing of the national anthem. so mr. mandel is not a jerk and he does not need a wake up call and as for those of you who say he need to be sent to a war zone to learn how to respect this country and the service men and women like myself then lets just reinstate the draft and send the whole (explicite) country to a war zone. because just recently attended a KU baskeball game and witnessed several people not standing during the playing of the national anthem but also texting on their cell phone also. so lets send them. what everyone needs to realize is this world is not perfect and we are not perfect. people make mistakes no matter how dumb the mistake can be.

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Officials identify body found in creek as 21-year-old Lawrence man

I went to school with Jackson from 7th grade until we graduated at Free State. He was always a fun guy to be around and just a great guy. Losing his older brother last year was enough for this family and now this is just way to much for a already grieving family. I am very sad to see former classmate to pass away. my high condolences go out to the McTaggart family and I pray the best for this family and hope that no more tragedies fall this them.

Andrew B.

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If Missouri moves to the Big Ten, should KU still play the Tigers during the non-conference season in football and men's basketball?

they deffinetly should. its been the tradition for those two schools to play each for years. and this rivalry goes all the way back to the civil war, and also is the oldest rivalry so why ended it.

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Family of McLouth Marine gets Christmas surprise from anonymous Santa

i know what this family is going through. I'm preparing to get ready to deploy in ocotber next year. and i'll be leaving a 2 yaer old son and a 5 month old son who is to be born in may. so thanks Corp. Perry for your service.

from on millitary service member to another

A1C braden

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