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Man critically injured in early-morning accident in North Lawrence

drove by this on my way to work. it was right there at the intersection for the toll both for the turnpike. the car looked pretty bad but after reading this my guess is most of the servere damages was caused by Lawrence-Douglas County Fire and Medical crews extricating the driver from the vehicle. hope it was just inatenative driving, but with dry pavement its probably a good guess that alcohol had a factor in this wreck.

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Suspect in vehicle chase drives on railroad tracks

Enough with the stupid ticket thing what is this grade school. Put yourself in the LPD Officers shoes. If the Community they are sworn to protect keeps making fun of this over a stupid little incident then what makes the officers not want to protect us anymore. Yes it was wrong but police officers are human also. Just because they are there to enforce the law doesn't mean that every once in awhile a officer is going to mess up and break the law themselves. Because most of the officers are out neighbors, friends, or family members and would you really want to trash them like this behind your back. Honestly we are all adults here lets grow up and act like the adults we truely are. Lastly this world is not perfect and no one in this world is perfect.

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October 21st Overnight Law Enforcement & Fire/Medical wrap up

its the title of the blog october 21st is the date

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July 30th Overnight Law Enforcement & Fire/Medical wrap up

LDCFM stands for Lawrence/ Douglas County Fire and Medical which means they have the legal authourity for the whole county

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Former Air Force airman from Hutchinson pleads no contest to involuntary manslaughter in connection with a fatal accident near Lawrence

"The Freemans now want the case can bring awareness to the dangers of drunken driving."

this sentence should have been written to something along these lines.

"The Freemans now want this case to bring the awarenes to the dangers of drunk driving."

i'm not makin fun of the person who wrote this storie cause that's the last thing i want to do. i am just showing that someone who most likely has a college degree and writes for a living can still make a error in their writing. which goes to show that we are not all perfect. if the LJWorld is as good as they are they will this paragraph fixed in the correction section soon.

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June 10th Overnight Law Enforcement & Fire/Medical wrap up

could have been starting the coals to smoke some meat.

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Olive Garden considering building restaurant on South Iowa Street

i agree that would be a good fix for that corner of 27 and iowa and just the right size too because now that the plum tree and panda garden have merged togethre they can knock down the old plum tree building and us it for parking spots. i think that if olive garden is gonna go any where in this town thats the best sight for them but the only problem is pizano's is right acrossed the street.

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How often would you eat at Olive Garden if they opened one in Lawrence?

its a good idea but i don't think that at big chain resturant like will do very good downtown plus there is not enough parking round there. probably the best place for them is the old bambino's building across the street from mass street dillions. but i don't see a big chain resturant like that coming to own because they like to have big signs that can be seen from a distance, and city commision wont allow big signs like that. I was supprised when they let famous daves move into town but if it does come into town i'd love to go there.

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Lawrence residents volunteer in Joplin, Mo., during Memorial Day weekend

or it can be used for animal habitat sites

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Joplin tornado death toll climbs to 89

Thanks Whitney. will be checking back for that information so i can get it out to my friends and family on face book.

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