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Group holding 'honk and wave' event to raise awareness about health care reform

Funny, I had just read through the article about the Civil War reenactment not being allowed because it would be too loud. Interesting that we can Honk and Wave and "make as much noise as possible". Guess it just depends.....

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Should high schools be grades nine through 12 or grades 10 through 12?

I spoke with an acquaintance awhile back who taught in a 9th grade only building, I believe in Blue Springs. She said it was relatively new, maybe 4 years going and loved it. She thought it worked well, put all the 9th graders from the city together and they had mostly positive feedback from the parents, (At least at the time) Not sure how all that works, but it's not that far away to look in to, should the situation arise.

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First Christian Church pastor resigns without explanation

Pastor Randy's resignation is as stated. He is taking some time to address some personal issues that he believes need to be addressed. Those issues obviously do not include you or me. He is a good man. I have attended this church in the past and appreciated his sermons. He was always friendly and respectful. I believe when/if he or the church leaders decide to share any intimate details they will. Sometimes it is time to move on into whatever direction and get your life in order. In the meantime, my prayers go out to Randy and his family as well at the leaders and congregation at First Christian. God is good, He will work in this situation and lives will be mended.

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Faith Forum: What’s your favorite Scripture verse and why?

Do you know where the Golden Rule originated?
See Matthew 7:12. I believe the skygod has some pretty good advice.

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LHS seniors pull pranks on underclassmen

Good prank! No damage, some inconvenience, point made!
Congratulations Seniors! Wish you well!

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Unfortunate fight

And if this issue is still "open", was a district athletic complex considered? I mean, my high schoolers wish a central complex would be built similar to ODAC. I'm assuming the price tag was too much, but was just wondering if this WAS considered?

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Unfortunate fight

I'm a little behind on this I guess. Wasn't this voted on? I mean, people keep saying the people should vote on this. Wasn't this already approved by vote, before these issues came up?

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Coach's plea to end chant ignored

Bubarubu: "Being a college student gets you the right to attend classes, get into the rec center get discounted tickets to games, and try to earn a diploma. Nothing there about a free pass for ignorant, immature, stupidity."Good comment. As I've been reading through this thread, I was thinking pretty much the same thing. Just because they're "college kids" doesn't mean anything, after all, most are probably over 18, which means they qualify to be adults and not kids. They should be held responsible for their actions.

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Should Kansas University football fans stop yelling an obscene chant after kickoffs?

By all means don't change the chant...after all, it is socreative and makes us sound so intelligent. I can't imagine any well educated person coming up with anything better. Why should KU be expected to behave like a class-act school just because they try to purvey themselves as one?

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New sports facilities OK'd

saoirseglen: While I understand and can even agree with the frustration with the issue of salaries for teachers vs. money for sports facilities, my question to "neighbors" of LHS is do you not expect there to be noise, traffic, parking issues, etc. when you live so close to the school? We lived across the street from the high school I went to. There was noise, traffic, too many cars going way too fast, and parking everywhere. There were kids constantly coming and going and activities "all the time". We knew this was to be expected living next to the high school. I am not talking about anything over and above the law, I'm simply saying we knew this neighborhood was definitely going to have more of all of the above, than say the streets further away from the school.

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