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First Bell: Case of measles surfaces at Quail Run School; special meeting ahead for Lawrence school board; Brown v. Board case anniversary this week

Some of you need to re-read the exemptions.

"A student does not receive the immunization because it would threaten the life of the student, a threat certified by a physician."

We have friends, whose sibling died from a "reaction" to a vaccination they received as a baby.
I think perhaps, that was 100% a problem for them. So before some of you decide to throw stones and go into panic mode, be a little more insightful as to why the exemptions are in place. There are risks involved on both sides of these arguments.

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Lawrence can take advantage of smart meters and help community get energy efficiency grants and loans in 2011

I went to Westar's site, to look a little further at this. My question, is the Wattsaver program connected to the Smart Star program? In the info about the Wattsaver program, you get a professionally installed internet accessible thermostat for "free". With the THERMOSTAT, Westar could "toggle" the usage of the electricity at peak times of the day, for instance in July or August when it is so hot. Right now, the THERMOSTAT is optional. I cannot find where all this is connected, but it does make me curious how much real control is being given without basically any input from us the customers. Doesn't necessarily make all of this "bad", but definitely the perception of "Big Brother" comes to mind.

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Legislative Democrats say Kansas should support health care reform

What does cutting private funding for college education have to do with providing national health insurance?

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Should the city install a few 15-minute parking meters downtown?

What's the minimum for the parking meters now?

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City may rebuild Iowa St. for $5M

30th Street, East of Lawrence Ave. and West of Harrison, there is a section in there that is almost looking like it's turning into a sink hole. For as newer that neighborhood is, that section of road is miserable. Also, 26th Street that goes from Iowa connecting to 27th Street, (goes from DQ by Holcom ballpark), that curve in there seems like every year it has to be fixed. I agree that maybe picking the cheapest bid is not the way to go here, and we are getting what we paid for (or less). That section of E. 23rd someone mentioned was completely redone less than 2 years ago. It had cracks and holes show up within months.

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School options

strs- I have so many times agreed with your opinion, I was surprised at your responses on here. There really should be more to this decision than cost per pupil. Having a neighborhood school (if at all possible) I believe is a complete benefit to everyone. If kids can be educated, and a small setting is amazing, and believe they are worth something to the community then they're going to be better citizens and want to put something back into the community when they're adults. I'm not talking all the politically correct diatribe out there, I'm just saying the kids' future lives are more than cost per pupil. We must live within a budget, my household certainly does, but if one of my children is needing help (lets say health-wise) and it takes money out of my budget, all of us have to adjust somewhat for that child's welfare. If as a school district we are the parent (so to speak) then sometimes all of us "family" need to readjust to help one member out. Now, I know that oversimplifies much, and I'm truly not pulling at heartstrings, but come on...your kids don't go there, so you have no responsibility? My kids don't go there either, and I can see why parents would be asking for different solutions.

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District wants more info before deciding closures

I don't agree with closing the schools, if at all possible. Surely there are avenues out there to cut out. I have no problem with adjusting 6th to Jr. Hi and 9th to High School, but how does that save money? (Only curious on that part, because I really do favor that scenario, but not at the cost of closing elementary schools.) I haven't made a decision yet on what I think, but what about a 4-day school week, eliminating buses for 1-day, and reducing utilities for 1-day? I know there are some school districts that have gone to this, any info out there?

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The cowboy way: Williamstown church ministry draws unique following

God bless you and your endeavors! We were south of Dallas earlier this year, heading to church, and passed a "cowboy church". We loved seeing the people showing up on their horses. The church there had a building and a stable to leave your horse and actually looked like it had fairly large grounds. Anyway, I think this is awesome. God loves us whoever we are, however we dress, wherever we worship Him. It's truly all about Him. :)

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Proposed ban on panhandling protested

dstavin: I have never treated anyone like garbage, and panhandling as a job substitute is annoying at least. My teenage sons were meeting to teenage girls for wings one early evening downtown and were, I WILL use the word, confronted, by a panhandler who threatened the girls if the the guys did not cough up some money. Yes, I know that is "aggressive" panhandling, but it should never have happened in the first place. I have no problem helping people, and this is a complex problem, but as in most scenarios, the rotten apples spoil it for all concerned. There are places to attain help and assistance.

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Sweet dreams: Former marketing exec opens bakery downtown

Best of luck to you. Something I've always wanted to do myself. :)

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