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Kansas premiums lower than expected under new health insurance marketplaces, report says

I buy insurance from the individual market (Coventry). I am self-employed. My wife has her own plan. I am over 30, take two medications and my premium is about $200.00 per month. Wife's plan is about the same. The deductible is $2,000.00 per year. 20% coinsurance. 50% coinsurance for out of network doctors. Drugs are $10 for generic, $45 brand name. I've had several fights with Coventry regarding coverage. I've met my deductible this year (had to get an MRI). Overall health care costs for the year are pretty high for our family when you consider we spend about $400 per month on coverage, have $4000.00 in deductibles, pay for drugs, etc. Health care costs are about $8K to $10K if we use up deductible.

According to the report, if I bought the same plan on the exchange, I'll save. Mine is a high deductible plan under the new rules. My premium would probably be around $130-ish. I make too much income for the subsidies.

I can't wait for Obamacare for two reasons. (1) I am excited about the option to shop for insurance on an exchange (and one day let providers compete for business) and also excited (2) about the fact my wife can get maternity coverage. Under current law, the Kansas legislature clearly forgot to require that insurance companies offer maternity coverage in legislating the "culture of life." We tried to buy maternity coverage but no insurance company currently offers it if you are purchasing on the individual market. Again, we tried to pay for it, but could not get it. We are not planning on having a kid soon, but want to be covered if we do. Seems like Obamacare is more in tune with the culture of life than the radicals running our state.

Pike. Out.

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Kansas Supreme Court Justice Nuss says court closings possible because of state budget

Where is the meeting? I want to go.

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Nearly 200 cited or arrested by special police detail working college party crowds

What about closing Mass Street to traffic at 9 pm-ish to 2 am Fri and Sat nights? We could have more outdoor festivities and avoid safety issues. I love Beale street in Memphis. Mass can be similar. It would be great.

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Opinion: U.S. losing race for global talent

The initial investment in my business was $7,000.00 in 2011. Last year gross was $190,000.00. Not all businesses need big money to start.

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Letter: Jefferson record

Jefferson is one of the great paradoxes if history. Opposed to slavery but owned slaves. He was on record saying his opposition was to avoid a rebellion, but I think it was because he was terrible with money and needed slaves to work off his debts.

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Attorney general wants rewrite of Hard 50 law

Carr brothers are on death row, not the hard 50.

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Letter: Rule of law


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Letter: What’s wrong?

whose money is he trying to spend?

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Letter: Selective Obama

Thanks Obama!

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Documents cast doubt on accuracy of 'In Cold Blood'

I know someone who was sitting in a hearing in the case in Topeka and it is my understanding that the son who has the documents only has copies and wants to write a book that contradicts the official KBI story, not sell the documents.

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