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Fewer swimmers surface at outdoor aquatic center

It's the fee for us as well. Too bad. :-(

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Post office ponders moving

In the last article regarding the area near hallmark, we were told the land was being built up to "street level". every time I go by, I see it higher than before. It is now far above street level. When will the city's stormwater engineer go out and see what effect a plot of land being built far higher than its neighbors will do to the area? What does hallmark think of that?

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Elementary teacher planning time a topic of school negotiations this year

LJ World... A question. I was wondering how much of the bond that was passed recently is being offered to teachers for salaries during this negotiation time? As I recall, voters were told this bond money was slated to go to teachers. Is the school district using this money as it said it would?

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Downy characters


I've seen them. Try the Levy trail east. I've had good luck there!

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Democratic caucuses draw big turnout in Lawrence

I caucused at the armory. Stood in line from 6:40 to 7:10 outside was inside for about the same amount of time. Yes, the organization could have been better, but lots of people is a good problem to have. Just chalk up the wait to *really, really* earning your stripes as a citizen in a participatory democracy. Besides, I made some new friends while waiting in line.

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Excessive teacher absences adversely affect students

Nice, put a picture of a Lawrence Substitute with an unclear title and we all think that Lawrence teachers are coasting through life. Read the article and the research about subs was done in another state? Wow. Some responsibility would be nice. I guess we know what the LJW thinks of the school district.

How about a title that says "National research indicates..." ???

In my experience as a parent, our teachers have been prepared and professional. Substitutes worked from lesson plans provided by our kids' teachers and were often retirees with years of education and experience.

Until people afford teachers the respect they deserve for a truly tasking, heartbreaking job, we cannot begin to address other issues like pay or the problems facing our kids in today's society.

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Bucky's Drive In closes after long run


I agree.

Runza does have the best burgers in town and their onion rings are yumm-o!

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Library expansion on hold indefinitely

I am deeply disappointed in the city commission. No money for city improvements? But we have enough money to give away in a back door deal? Sad, sad, sad.

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Experts: Abortion just as common where it's not legal as where it is

In the interest of full disclosure, I believe abortion is wrong.

Until the conservative wing in politics supports funding for true family planning in this country and in others (abstinence-only campaigns as a requirement to receive AIDS funding in Africa...really? Abstinence only DOES NOT WORK in this country, why would it work in others?), abortion will still be used as birth control everywhere, regardless of legality or personal feelings.

On another note, abortion is the first wave of an ever-widening campaign. evangelicals/christian conservatives/neo-cons, etc believe than ANY form of birth control is against literal readings of the bible. Please be aware of this when you vote.

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Growing Manhattan attracts Lawrence economic leaders' attention

I am, once again, deeply disappointed in the LJW. My only hope is that readers remember every article in this paper (or any for that matter) should be digested with the following questions in mind: Who gains from the information as presented? Why is this article here, now? What are we supposed to believe after reading this article? Is this a fair representation of a complicated issue?

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