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Do you expect the Lawrence school board to vote to close one of its smaller schools in an effort to save money?


Can you please tell us what the class size averages are for each elementary? Here at the elementary school west of Iowa, my child has been in a class of 29 (!). Is that how it is at every Elementary?

I think this information and investigative journalism at this paper could shake up the lethargy at the school board.

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Breaking News:Haskell Indian Nations University announces the gutting of its football and volleyball programs.

Please pay Getty Images for the image you are using. The watermark is there so you don't use it without permission.

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Town Talk: ‘Vote no on library’ signs appear; downtown mural questioned; home sales down for September

The party that requests the insertion pays for it.

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Destination library: Voters will be asked to approve expansion of building, services

There is a fee to receive a KU library card.

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Listen, thief

It's common for plants and whatnot to be stolen for flea markets, etc. Some one else on the board mentioned they had one stolen not too long ago as well. Maybe this type of petty crime has moved into our area?

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Lawrence school salaries lag nearby districts

Pendelton isn't the first teacher to leave 497 for higher pay elsewhere, and he won't be the last. I'm glad the issue is getting play in the media and that we are discussing it, but why did it take a coach for the LJW to do a story on teacher-flight from the district? It would only take a little bit of looking to find *many* others who've left.

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Trees near Watson Park may be cut

Wright's has done a poor job on the west side of town as well. Take a look at trees along Kasold, Peterson, Folks, Lawrence Ave... They are not in the business of tree care; they cut, they leave. I understand Westar's concern for power lines, but there isn't oversight of Wright's work and both company's get a bad name because of it. I see this as poor stewardship of resources, both trees and money. Westar doesn't get my support for rate increases because of this and other reasons (fraud). And Wrights will never get a call from me to care for our trees. Maybe one person doesn't count, but I have to stand up for what I believe.

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Door-to-door sales on upswing in Lawrence

It's your house, don't open the door.

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Nature center to stay open

Close the golf course!

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Sunflower Broadband drops two KC channels after stalled negotiations

We have an antenna on the roof (pointed ENE) and get more digital channels than we could ever watch. four pbs channels! None of our hard-earned dollars will ever go to the World Co.

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