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Boot Camp begins

For real!

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No injuries at fire in 3100 block of Creekwood Drive

I know the family personally, and they have an amazing support group surrounding them through their families, church, and other friends.

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Usually I don't have bad things to say about places. I understand that jobs are harder in the back than they appear to the customers. That being said, my past two experiences with Montana Mike's haven't been good. The first time, I was dining in with my family and my sister's shrimp was cold when she got it while my steak, which I asked for medium well, had to be sent back at least twice to get cooked properly and by the time I got it, it was way too tough to be consumed. However, the manager and waitress offered us free desserts. The second time, I asked for a well done steak again. It was completely rare. I personally find no reason for something like that to happen twice in a row. The customer service has been good, but the food quality needs to improve drastically.

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Veritas volleyball wins first state title

One homeschoolar, and she was a backrow player. All six starters attend Veritas full time, and several of them are on the honor roll.

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Have you ever gotten a speeding ticket? How fast were you going?

Mine was lame. 43 in a 30 in some podunk town in south Kansas where the cops really had nothing better to do than to pull somebody over at midnight.

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Baker innovation

They were already integrating that when I was a freshman. Their LA111 and LA112 classes are the main ones that focus on solely that, but most of the classes I had while I was there included public speaking, writing, hands-on projects, and other things that were tailored to the subject (like actually helping out in the theater for intro to theater or keeping a journal for creative writing). Honestly, this is kind of old news.

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Veritas boys roll, 54-35

Topeka Heritage. It was mentioned in the girl's article.

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Veritas volleyball wins first state title

Congratulations ladies!! All your hard work has finally paid off!

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Did you take piano lessons as a child?

I did both piano and clarinet when I was younger. I kinda wish I had stuck with both of them for longer than I did.

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Mid-range shot used too little

i think this all depends on where you look. sometimes you have to pound the ball in and focus on the three, but then you will find teams where their entire game is around the 15 foot range, and yes, they do put away the other team quite well.theebest- have faith. the game is still taught in certain places and, in those places, it's still believed that the best players should play.edjayhawk- you've clearly never played highly competive basketball. the left hand is essential especially on those layups. i won't disagree with you on the free throw shooting; that could always use more improving no matter what level you're at.

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