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Downtown hotel project may temporarily close portion of New Hampshire Street

How come the wall for the art center on the north were not stabilized better. Could the art center walls crack from the instability on the north? It seems as though such deep digs would need shoring against wall that already exists.

Also, when the 901 New Hampshire project was happening there was not any need to fix the storm sewer, why now? The architects must of known where the storm sewers were when they started designing this project. Now it's a problem ( give me a break).

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Homeless shelter seeks $725,000 loan from city

This stinks. With the amount of remodlng that has gone on at the shelter, one would think that the roof would be fixed first. How much food is Just foods providing the shelter? Farmer should recuse himself from any nonprofit votes. He is not impartial in his views or votes. Send the famer back to the pasture.

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Concept plan for 5K, 10K trails at Rock Chalk Park emerges

The area that contains Baldwin creek (city park?) by the rcp wreck center that contains 49 acres was a gift to the city after the city paid 49000 dollars for the sewer easement that runs along baldwin creek. This easement is for sewage pump stations to carry sewage from west Lawrence to the sewage treatment plant. How will the policing of the private (Fritzel) part of the rcp be handled? Will Fritzel provide the policing?

City gets 49 acres of creek land for 49000 dollars, buys 26 acres at 30000 an acre from KU endowment, city pays for design work rcp wreck center, 1 million dollars m/l. City hides bill self assists foundation donation In infrastructure improvements. Ku endowment , hides behind Rcp llc, Ku athletics hides behind Fritzel and endowment.
Paul Warner architect also was the agent for swan management who sold the land to endowment. He Became the agent for the endowment when the endowment bought the land for the wreck center (hiding behind the limited liability company Rcp llc.

Warner has an office in The one two three building on 8th street, and Fritzel ownes the building,(same building that Lawrence united the political action committee was located ).

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City renews threat of eminent domain at dilapidated East Lawrence property

When the city jail was on the second floor of the judicial and law enforcement center, no one cared about that house. The families of inmates would park in front of that house,get out and yell up into the jail . That area of the jail had windows that opened outside the cells. Was it a bother to the city then? No. Leave the owners alone. They cleaned up the property at the request of the city. The house is for sale , if the price is right. What would be the cause for the taking of the property? A legal cesspool. Threats that are unreasonable from our elected officials. " shame shame shame

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Rock Chalk Park Recreation center agreement set for final approval

Will the public get to see the agreement before Tuesday?

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Current, former KU football players among three arrested in connection with home invasion

Maybe KU endowment can make this all go away.

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Editorial: Too good?

Dru Fritzel's father (John Stewart) is the financier of this project for KU endowment. He is the largest stockholder of intrust bank and a director. That is why intrust bank is so involved in this project. 2010, intrust lost 40 million on investments in HAwaii. Think your money is safe? How many intrust lackeys are pushing this project? Stewart also was chair emeritus of the endowment? Major donor to Kansas Athletics Inc, and the Bill Self assists foundation. Hard not to see a conflict of interest.

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Day 2: From the Emerald Triangle to the Sunflower State

Is today's article a reprint from a mendocino paper. Information seems awful familiar to article written in California. Do reporters take articles and put their own names on reprints?

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Proposed cuts to corrections system could endanger Kansans, secretary says

What did the governors road map have for corrections? Were the churches supposed to step up and help save the prisoners and get state incentives?

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Editorial: Poor process

Excellent editorial. Big problem having a non profit owning a for profit company. Hope KU endowment has their tax status revoked. Same for KU athletics inc. IRS if your reading this Investigate them, they are the big crooks.

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