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A politician who lies is hardly unique

I noticed the absence of some prominent Republicans in Cal's column. Let's not forget Senator "Diaper" Vitter: still in the Senate. Where is the outrage and demands for his resignation? Larry "Wide-Stance" Craig, Representative Mark "I like young male interns" Foley, Senator "Hush Money" John Ensign are some examples of politicians who actually did resign in shame. I know it is an issue in both parties, but I am tired of the GOP pretending to be the party of moral values when they have plenty of skeletons in their own closets.

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Moderation wanes in Kansas as Brownback off to fast start

Religion has been the cause of much murder. Remember the "Crusades"? Those were so called Christians. Religious extremist of all stripes have committed murder in the name of their "God". I thought we lived in a country that guaranteed freedom of religion yet many Americans seem to think we are solely a Christian nation and want the government to endorse their version. I think it is time to get religion out of politics.

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Moderation wanes in Kansas as Brownback off to fast start

@cait48...I'm with you, we left Lawrence nearly 7 years ago for Iowa. It's not perfect but, it beats the heck out of Brownbackistan. We'd love to have you here. We won't be taking advantage of the gimmies to return ever. Lawrence is the only bastion of liberalism left and it's just not enough.

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Boehner opening lacks substance

This was a mid-term election and the Republicans only won by around 500,000 votes nation wide. Barack won by 10 million in 2008...before Citizens United was gifted to the Republican party by the same Supreme Court that gave us George Bush. I would think that most people would know that mid-term elections typically change the make-up of the Congress. Let's see what they do beyond the first week to make lives better for Americans. Boehner's speech was lackluster and the writer is correct in that he had no substance to it. The reading of parts of the Constitution was a joke too. Left out some pretty important stuff in my opinion.

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Are you interested in seeing President Barack Obama's birth certificate?

Many children of military parents are born out of the US...does that make them not citizens? Regardless of where he was born, his mother was a US citizen and that makes him one. Following the logic of the birthers...John McCain wouldn't have been eligible as he was born in Panama.
LJW...why do you keep stoking the fire? Let it go.

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Jurors find Scott Roeder guilty of first-degree murder of George Tiller

When men can have babies then they can make decisions regarding pregnancies. Oh, wait, men are doing that now. I have never had an abortion. I have four children. I know that it can sometimes take until the third trimester before problems can show up. Abortion should be between a doctor and his patient especially since it is legal. I would also like to see the anti-abortion crowd care for the kids once they are born. It seems to me that they only are concerned as long as they are unborn. Where's the love for the kids who are going hungry, are homeless or are being abused? I think priorities are way out of sync with the real problems going on in our country. Judge not lest ye be judged.

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Iowa legalizes gay marriage

Tin: It is about separation of church and state. It is about churches doing the states business. Churches do not issue marriage licenses - do they? There is a reason for that. When you get a marriage license it is not a requirement that you get married in a church. You may get married in the courthouse and it is still a marriage. A church wedding is not required, it is a choice.

As far as having the people of Iowa vote on this issue it will take years to get it on a ballot and I can tell you that I believe that it would be defeated. We are more tolerant here than you might like to think.

I can think of one Kansas family who is probably having fits about this right now. Good old Fred and crew. This "religious" man and his ilk have given a very bad name to religion. I expect to see him "protesting" in Iowa again. It doesn't seem to work out too well for him here though.

Tolerance would be a far better way to handle the differences in this country but there are some who want to attach labels such as "liberal" and paint everyone with the same brush.

The reality is that we have more in common than we realize. I try to see both sides of an argument and then make my own decision. We need to work together to make our country a more just place to live. There are much more important issues facing us and feeding the fire over same sex marriage is nothing more than a distraction.

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Iowa legalizes gay marriage

Tin: For your information, the vote was unanimous and some of the so called activist judges were appointed by a Republican governor. What they did was follow the Iowa constitution and extend the same rights without regard to religion as they should.

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Iowa legalizes gay marriage

As a former resident of Lawrence and a current resident of Iowa, I am very proud that the Iowa Supreme Court actually respects the constitution. It is unconstitutional for the government to respect any religion and marriage is a religious state. It starts to be a slippery slope if they start to recognize and define marriage in a religious manner. Which religion would you have us all go by? It seems to me that when folks get upset about same sex "marriage" and use God as their argument they don't see that their argument goes against the constitution. My marriage isn't in danger of being harmed if my gay friends can enjoy the legal rights I have. Well, in 21 days they too can enjoy the same rights in Iowa. We live in a rural community and guess what - there are gay folks here too. Iowa is way ahead of the curve on this issue. Oh and by the way we did help Obama get elected in a nearly all white state. I am so proud of my fellow Iowans, except for crazy Steve King and a few other nut jobs.

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20% of residents below poverty level

A little bit more information about our effort to end poverty in this rural southern Iowa county. As I mentioned earlier, we involved a broad economically diverse group of citizens together to find our assets. Once we had consensus from the entire county, we took action. A few committed individuals participated in Leadership Plenty ® training and came back and organized and trained new community leaders to change the climate of the "same ten people" who always did it before. We had junior high students all the way to over eighty years old involved. They went out into the community and in their own words told what poverty looked like in our place and what we wanted to do about it. Then we started working with other organizations and businesses to get things done. We fundraised by having a duck race, bake sales and by solicitating donors. The non-profit that we formed has been granting mini-grants to individuals that are having difficulty. We supplied a back pack for each grade in the elementary school complete with supplies for any student that needed one. This year it was eight and we hope to be able to increase it next year. Another member organized the youth in the community and when mother nature delivered a paralyzing blizzard following a severe ice storm, the Snow Angels were born. They shoveled sidewalks and driveways for the disabled. This group of teenagers in cooperation with one of our manufacturers providing gas for trucks and another business providing pizza, went out and cleaned up the town to the tune of 57 loads of tree limbs and brush and hauled it to the landfill.Then they did it another day at their own expense.Poverty is a community problem and community is the solution. My son still lives in Lawrence and he can't afford a car and uses the T to get around. He has to live with two others just to be able to afford the cost of living in Lawrence. He is employed. We have sent him care packages of food monthly because at the end of the month the money doesn't include eating. Our story isn't exclusive it is inclusive. You might just be surprised who amongst you is going hungry. Lawrence has many assets too that are being underutilized. We've found that when the poor are included in the discussion and treated with dignity and the stigma is removed mountains can be moved.Good luck and I hope you will pass it forward.

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