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Lawrence Art Guild unanimously votes to remove officers in Thursday's emergency meeting because of 'irregularities' in guild management

A review of the Secretary of State Filings by Monaghan show the membership dropping from 262 on 4/9/2014 to 36 on 1/6/2015 shows that the there was no effort being made by the officers who were replaced last evening. I believe that last night's membership meeting acted in the best interests of the organization.

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Parking questions loom for Here @ Kansas apartment project as high-tech parking company files for bankruptcy, stops work on project

It says in the article that the city can refuse to issue occupancy permit if they don't meet the parking requirement.

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Parking questions loom for Here @ Kansas apartment project as high-tech parking company files for bankruptcy, stops work on project

Dorothy, Amy is saying that they drive to Lawrence from wherever they are from (not Lawrence) and need a place to put their car once they get here. What is your suggestion for that?

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Larsen, Morgan advance to fill vacant Lawrence City Commission seat

Stop harping on change orders. Change orders are not alway initiated by the contractors, but also initiated by the owner of of the project. It is a two way street. A change order can also cost the contractor money, if the owner uses it to correct an error by the contractor. Without a change order, a drafting mistake (by either side) can become a costly burden to the operation of the building or project for many years.

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City Commission decides to interview six remaining candidates at special meeting Thursday

I can and have taken a bus from my front door (in west Lawrence) to my office (downtown Kansas City) for $7.50 one way. The infrastructure is already there.

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Proposal for downtown grocery store at former Borders site emerges again

Cosentino's in Downtown KC proves your theorem wrong.

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Planners looking at trading some downtown parking spots for additional bicycle parking; Alvamar redevelopment recommended for approval by planning commissioners

So you are saying that providing a convenience for one vehicle is more important than providing one for up to 10 vehicles?

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Downtown retailer of 20 years closing Lawrence store; rumors of a new chicken chain on West Sixth Street; a Facebook flap at City Hall

Shouldn't he listen to everyone? The facebook page is just one venue that Matthew created to make it easier for folks to contact him. He listens to many different people in many different ways. Not everyone who posts on his page agrees with him, which you would know if you read the posts beyond this latest flap.

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KU chancellor joins other university leaders in giving back pay raise

They are not really giving back their raises. They still receive the money and then are donating it to the university foundations. It is still income they receive and still tax write-offs as they donate to the foundations of their university (not to the university directly). It is a feel good gesture. The better gesture would be if money was given directly to the university without having to go through the third party or refuse to accept the raise.

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Lawrence lands major basketball tourney, but questions raised over how to use Rock Chalk Park rec center

Brett, The Policy for keeping a court available to the public is at least 2 years old, so the promoter of the tournament knew that up front. When it was built, that court was never supposed to be available so can't/shouldn't really ever be thrown into the mix when marketing to tournaments. We have a facility with 7 courts available for tournaments, and it should be marketed that way.

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