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Lawrence voters reject sales tax for $28 million police headquarters

It is possible to support the police, understand the need for better facilities, but still believe this was the wrong plan at the wrong price. Though I am surprised by the result. Lawrence never seems to vote against raising taxes.

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Saints Pub + Patio closes near 23rd and Iowa as speculation heats up that 810 Zone set to take the space

The location wasn't the problem. Food was bad. Tried it a few times. Not surprised they're closing. Hoping the food at 810 is better. Have not been to their KC locations.

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Number of Kansans who signed up for insurance through marketplace exceeds government's expectations

Actually, the administration chose not to track who already had been insured. And outside surveys have shown the majority of those enrolling were previously insured.

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Number of Kansans who signed up for insurance through marketplace exceeds government's expectations

Note to Giles:

1 - Prediction that 53,000 Kansans would buy coverage.

2 - 57,013 chose a policy, but are not covered until payment is made.

3 - How many have "purchased" coverage? We don't know. You cannot come to the conclusion yet that we've surpassed predictions. If only 80% pay for their policy, that means we'll be about 7000 short of predictions.

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Consultants recommending naming new Rock Chalk Park recreation center SportQuest; local Eagles lodge closed following investigation

Actually Bob, a considerable amount of time and research goes into making these decisions, especially when dealing with a business / facility that will be operating at a regional or national level. It's not like naming a pet.

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City agrees to seek consultant to look at high-speed broadband options

Lawrence suffers from a speed standpoint? I'm getting about 25 Mbps download speeds from Knology. The avg US high speed broadband is about 6 Mbps.


Though some competition would be nice.

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Opinion: It's time for Charlie Weis to move on from Dayne Crist

KU's biggest problem is lack of talent. That will take Weis some time (if ever) to overcome. Chiefs, other than QB, has plenty of talent to win games. They are horribly coached.

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Town Talk: More on KU's new twist to the sports complex debate; this and that on curbside recycling and the city's debt guidelines; a chance to dunk City Hall leaders

Chad, great info. Appreciate you staying on top of these "developments". :)

Personally, I find this an exciting opportunity for the city and for KU. Very happy that KU is taking lead position on the property.

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Sound Off: How much does the city’s transit system collect in fares compared with how much it costs

The problem is that the public is sold a bill of goods on projects like this. The initial supporters say "It will pay for itself in X years!" Then the rest of us are left paying for it for the rest of our lives.

If the public had been told that by 2012 the bus system would only be generating revenues equal to about 10% of the cost, would the public have supported it? I doubt it.

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