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Another tax increase bites the dust in the House; Democrats call for end to session

the legislature should be "privatized".....it already is, bought and paid for!

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Obama’s public approval ratings hard to explain

Well Dolph, read your commentary this morning and decided I was nuts to keep paying for the paper. So here you go, one less subscriber.

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Counties disagree on bridge solution

The decision to close the bridge seems to have been made with either a total disregard of the human costs of the bridge closing or simply a deep lack of understanding. I challenge Charles Jones and Bob Johnson to come out for a day and have us show them why we are so terribly concerned about the impact of this decision.

It has been suggested that the quality of the bridge will not be as good if it is not closed entirely. The engineering report completed for the Douglas County Commission states that there are disadvantages and advantages to both closing the bridge and leaving one lane open and that the end product (the bridge) will be about the same in either case. Many of us question why we are not significantly improving the bridge by widening it for all of this trouble.

It has been stated that less school days will be lost if the bridge is closed but those of us who live out here understand that youth activities don't just stop when the school year is over. We have summer school, high school student summer jobs, baseball and softball (we are in leagues with communities on the north side of the river), weight training for sports, summer sports camps, school library hours, Bible School, etc. that our children participate in. Our children do not have city swimming pools or summer park activities that are available in Lawrence. After school is out children and youth still need to get to the north side of the river many times a week.

I don't believe that crossing the bridge at a reduced speed with stoplights at each end throughout the year will be more dangerous than traveling Highway 40, I-70, or all of the way from West to North Lawrence during rush hour for more than 33 miles each way. Think about your inexperienced teenage driver, probably with a carload of kids traveling these roads. Parents who must get to jobs in Topeka, Lawrence and Kansas City will not be able to transport them.

Outside of the human costs there will also be negative financial consequences. We are looking at losing businesses on both sides of the river if the bridge is closed. Many families see no alternative but to enroll their children in other school districts. Estimates are the district may lose between 100-200 students. The loss of state support will be significant and difficult for a total student body of only about 1200. So, there will clearly be no funds saved by closing the bridge, it will only be shifted to individual family budgets, our school district and the small businesses in our area.

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