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Trump's immigration decision brings protesters to downtown Lawrence

His most recent non-sequitur certainly supports your point - thanks. I cut bait on these types of discussions when the other party takes them in a circular direction or abandons their original point when they can't support it, usually in favor of an ad hominem attack or a fresh tangent. I'm just cracking up at the notion of "conservative" Founding Fathers fighting against the rising tide of the liberal English Empire, their hippie monarchs (probably propped up by George Soros in some way) and the ultra-liberal churches of the day.

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Trump's immigration decision brings protesters to downtown Lawrence

The Constitution was put together because we were starting a new country and didn't want to make the same mistakes other countries had. The founders *were* the liberals. (Look up the term: radicals or revolutionaries would fit better but they were certainly *not* conservatives.) I'm sure your head must be spinning trying to come up with a way to say that all change is bad when your entire country was founded on it.

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Trump's immigration decision brings protesters to downtown Lawrence

I'll take a living breathing document any day. Do you really think that a bunch of guys in the late 18th century had an infallible plan for governing this country centuries later? Do you think they were on some kind of divine mission and that the Bill of Rights are the 10 Commandments? It's a great framework and you can argue all day about what wrong turns may have been made since then but I should think the very fact that they built in the ability to write laws and even adjust the Constitution would imply that even THEY knew updates and changes would be needed.

Out of curiosity, do you get your medical advice from 14th century books on human anatomy? Also, I'll take ANTI-fascist any day over pro-fascist.

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Sound Off: I plan to have a watch party Sunday for KU’s second NCAA Tournament game and need to know

After also trying to find this information, I believe that the official answer is that Sunday game times will not be published until Thursday. However, OldVet is likely correct that it will be the late game.

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Who is your favorite fictional character?

Larry Darrell (The Razor's Edge)
Tyrion Lannister, Arya Stark, Hodor, Brienne of Tarth and all of the direwolves (A Song of Ice and Fire)
Harry Potter and Hermione Granger
King Arthur and Sir Lancelot (esp. in The Once and Future King) + Sir Gareth and Sir Tristram
Norville Barnes (The Hudsucker Proxy)
Newt Hoenikker (Cat's Cradle)
Lester Burnham (American Beauty)
Radagast the Brown (LoTR)
Chewbacca and R2D2 (Episodes 4-6 only)
Opus and Bill the Cat (Bloom County)
Tom and Jerry (pre-bowtie)
George Bailey (It's a Wonderful Life)
Chuck Norris

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Do you still have a land line phone?

I still have both, partly because I would not save much/any $ by cancelling it and losing the Sunflower package deal and partly because of its overall reliability.

Of course, 9-1-1 call service (especially the ability to automatically register your location) from a cell phone is very unreliable. #1, the call is routed to a 9-1-1 center based entirely upon what tower takes your call, meaning that your call can easily be misrouted and have to be transferred manually. #2, you have to have a charge in your phone to call 9-1-1. #3, even in the best circumstances, the 9-1-1 center will need a few seconds to get an estimated location for you (based on trilateration or an onboard GPS unit in your phone) and that location will tend to be less accurate in buildings or when obstructed by natural features (cliffs, trees, etc.). All of these factors can mean life or death in some situations, especially if the location data is poor and you are unable to convey your location.

If you call from a landline, they will know where you are in a split second -- something to consider for more safety-minded individuals. The same does not necessarily apply with VoIP providers such as Vonage, however, since they rely entirely upon you registering your location each time you move your computer. Forget to update it and responders will be showing up where you last registered.

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How many speeding tickets have you received in Lawrence?

It just doesn't pay to speed anywhere in town. I got my first and only ticket on one of the biggest speed traps in town: Naismith between 19th and 23rd. The speed limit is soooo low for the conditions on that road.

My reasons for not speeding? First off, the town has soooooo many pedestrians and bicyclists that I am always on high alert out of fear of somehow hitting one. Secondly, there are so many potholes that, if I'm not avoiding the carless, I'm navigating the ever-changing landscape of craters in the roads. Third, there are enough police around. Finally, it just doesn't make sense from a time perspective to speed because the town is not very big and going a few mph over the limit won't have any significant affect on your arrival time.

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How do I discontinue delivery of River City Pulse?

I agree with Soup. At least the last folks that delivered it before (a whole family) walked up to my door and placed it neatly there. The new delivery people seem to take joy in driving down my street as quickly as they can manage, just dropping them at the ends of everyone's driveways or in people's yards. (NOTE: this is at basically 22nd and Rhode Island.) Half the time, I can't even recycle them they are so trashed by the weather.

I've thought about putting up a sign at the end of the driveway. If I do, it'll say "No Pulse!"... but then I'll probably have the ambulance showing up.

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Do you support the building of a mosque and Islamic cultural center a few blocks from the site of ground zero in New York City?

"Support" would not be the correct word for me. I certainly acknowledge their right to do so, perhaps unlike some self-proclaimed defenders of the Constitution, but think it's inadvisable in about every sense unless the point is to generate additional conflict... and, really, how can it not be? Having said that, I reserve my 1st Amendment right to refer to those involved as beligerent a*^holes.

Boy, this sounds an awful lot like Westboro Baptist and the funeral protests. Do they have the right? I guess so, although their case is far less clear cut (IMHO) than the would-be mosque builders. Do I respect them in any way for exercising that right? Hell no!

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Poll: Many call Obama Muslim

May as well be "Poll: Many Americans are ignorant". This is just one of the many questions you can ask Americans to bolster that assertion.

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