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Brownback appoints his chief counsel, Caleb Stegall, to the Kansas Court of Appeals

Well he didn't change the law, he changed the appointment process. And if you think labels like fascism and bought by the Koch brothers look good, I guess we know what side of the fence your on. I don't think I'd want want to be associated with either. And of course his first appointment is his chief counsel, well really did you expect anything less. He's a joke, unfortunately the jokes on us. And I'm curious what other states have adopted the same policies, my guess is they are red states. Politics bought and paid for.

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Gov. Brownback nominates top lawyer for Kansas appeals court

No surprise here, stegall will not be taken seriously by any judge sitting on the bench, he was the defender on phill Kline, and still couldn't stop him from being disbarred. A step backwards for democracy. Just another attempt to undermine democracy and shove his failed policies down our throats.

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Democrats plan strategies to take on Brownback, Kobach and others

Budget surplus, again if that is accurate its how he went about accomplishing it that. I really don't believe any number this man puts forward, this coming from the man who took credit for it then it came out that it was a two billion dollar "oversight". Even if there were a surplus it has been at our expense by slashing just about everything. I'd like to see some numbers from an independent source because it doesn't make sense do make those cuts if we have a surplus, or is brownback just that evil to cut education, social services, keep the sales tax rate as is. And are you blaming Obama for economic situation? Coming from the debacle he inherited the economic climate is far and away better than it was in 2008 under bush.

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Democrats plan strategies to take on Brownback, Kobach and others

And further more if you feel that brownback lives within his means can you also explain why he still takes federal farm subsides. I do live within my means and find it offensive that you would imply otherwise, but as a property owner and a citizen of kansas it has become harder to make ends meet because this man has implemented a budget. How about next time you don't generalize everyone and maybe become a bit more informed before you exercise your opinion

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Democrats plan strategies to take on Brownback, Kobach and others

He "put" us on a budget by slashing everything under the sun. He put us on a budget by not fully funding schools. He put us on a budget by cutting higher education thus cost students to pay more. He put us on a budget so his rich friends could have a tax cut. Him and his budget have cost Kansas enough. Why don't you supporters of this vile man see him for what he is? His budget was built on the back average people and those less fortunate. Please explain how him putting kansas on a budget has helped anyone. It uninformed or selfish people that put this poor excuse of a person in power, he has abused it, why o people still support this"man"

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Democrats plan strategies to take on Brownback, Kobach and others

Clayton barker is correct about turning out voters in the truest sense of the word. The repubs have done nothing but disenfranchise voters. Don't think they'd be doing that if the were secure in their ideas but their ideas are so out of the mainstream it hopefully will cost them in this election. We've had democratic guv's in the recent past now lets work on the crazy legislature

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Regents propose keeping tuition flat next year if Legislature restores funds that were cut

Whatever, try to spin it however you want, fact is for normal Kansans this hurts us immensely. You didn't cut the sales tax, cut every thing you could, just so your Koch boys could get a tax break. You people are evil and you doing this on the backs of people who can't afford to live. Where are the jobs, there is nothing new coming except part time and low wages for us working folk, something I guess you'll never understand or care to. Your a selfish pig and you better hear the train coming and I hope you get hit by it.

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Kassebaum: Davis will need moderate Republicans in campaign against Brownback

To me that doesn't say much for mainstream Kansans, they are the people who are feeling brownbackwards policies the.most. Lets hope they wake up or things could get alot worse for them and their future generations because that's how long it will take them to crawl of the hole the guv has dug.

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Former KU wide receiver Omigie arrested in robbery case that ensnared Chris Martin

His plan is for non violent offenders, which this is clearly a violent case. This also I don't believe is a federal case, I don't see why you bring up holders plan into a matter that is clearly local. Please if you are going to rant at least stay on topic and do a double check on facts

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ACLU notifies Kobach of intention to file voting rights lawsuit

Well you said our president makes laws, all of you examples have nothing to with what I responded to. Also where was all this pent up animosity when the former president implemented the surveillance program or lying to Americans to get us into Iraq. You just can't pick and chose to be a patriot, but again the uninformed make uninformed comments. You as an adult should be able to say what you mean and not make sideways comments when you are proved wrong

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