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Blossom end rot spells deadly end to tomato plants

Thanks for the tips. The problem in my garden is that the squirells don't go after the fruit, the chomp at the stalks 2 inches above the ground killing the entire plant. I can't use my normal remedy because I live in town and my neighbors might get a bit nervous.

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Man arrested, charged in alleged attack

Just wondering why they put the restraunt chains' name in the story? Is there a new trend of abusive sodomites frequenting said restraunt? Did they lock -down the schools when the lady reported the rape? So much info, and yet ,not enough.

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Coyote sightings, pet disappearances coincide

I've seen a coyote right at the football stadium with what I hope was a rabbit just last year. It stopped, gave a glance, and took off toward the concorse area. There is a little ledge on the south end so if anyone wants to take a picture ( or a shot at revenge ) look here. But remember, the coyote never catches the Roadrunner, and tofu's too expensive. So they have to eat,too. Give 'em a break.

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Lovely Spam, wonderful Spam

Let us not forget the popular Spam knockoff- Treet. Famous around the home with rice, cheese, and a bit of mustard. It's mainly pork and pork by-products so does a name on a can matter? It all goes down around here the same. Strange recipes. Like mine's any better. Long live potted meat! It'll likely outlive us. Half thanks to delicious creations like Spam.

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Woman to go to trial for downtown stabbings

Har-Hars out the arse!

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Ex-teacher's attorney gets access to records

Make her live on a commune with other " Chesters " " Cho-Mos" and " Uncle Bad Touchers " Let's see what games they play.

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Woman to go to trial for downtown stabbings

Sounds like a " Sticky Situation "

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New plan for Wal-Mart advances

I'm just glad they've finally decided because I'm nearly physically sick of hearing about it. With the old centers for education grinding to a halt ( semi-recent school closings ) I'd figure people would care more about their child's schooling more than saving $0.75 on toilet paper. To all penny-pinchers- At least the closings will AFFORD us a fresh supply of greeters, cashiers, and fumble-fingered associates. And the new minimum wage will make them all complacent, satisfied, and swimming in cheap perfume.

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Minimum wage increases today

Employers- have no fear. If they go ahead and make the illegals legal. The minimum wage should drop back down. Of course so will our Social Security benefits and medical expenses will go up. As for us worrying about the minimum wage-Want more $$$$$? Go to school and get a better job.

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Pool fee proposal revised

The Grandpa in me is coming out-" What ever happened to $.50 for kids and $1.00 for adults?" Maybe, they're compensating for the new additions ( wading pool, curly slides, and other colorful toys) which are mainly aimed at children. These were added because the City thought the pool looked " ghetto " prior to improvements. Ghetto- uh, look where we are. Sheesh, 100 yrs. ago the only thing swimming on the property were worms in the cornfield during a rainstorm, and no one told the worms they had to get out without refund. I stopped swimming there 15 yrs. ago and don't plan to go back, but kids and adults alike SHOULD be able to use the facility without paying through the nose. No wonder people are peeing in the pool.

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