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Winter storm forces cancellation of classes, events

It like the good advice that you just didn't take

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Lions, Firebirds volleyball fall at sub-state

It's not surprising to see stones thrown and finger pointing happen during times of adversity. It is also not fair to attack someone anonymously. Both Ken and Lisa are correct that this experience is more about life lessons. This season was not as successful as one would have wished, however there were some bright spots that LHS should build on.

One thing I have learned about watching my girls play and grow in this sport, is it is up to me as a parent to teach them what they can control and react in a positive and forward-looking way. A coach may take them out, sit them on the bench, or put them in a position they don't agree. What really matters, is how they respond to the situation. What they do before, in, after practice, and in the off-season is crucial as players have the control to maximize their ability. LHS juniors, sophomores, and freshman, challenge yourself to come back next season stronger and better than ever. Stay focused and work hard until then and win or lose, you will learn a lot more about what it takes to be successful in life and have a blast doing it.

Coaches, thank your time and effort and especially for helping Caitlin learn and grow this season.

-Mike B

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Lawrence High volleyball tops emotional Free State, 3-1 in city showdown

Wow.......What an incredible atmosphere to play in. LHS came together and applied each players strengths in a perfect way. May orchestrated the team like a Philharmonic conductor, the outside hitters Broadwell and Howard applied a well-rounded defensive effort and both smart and strong attacks, Reed and Mountain dug hits like machines, Dykes used her athleticism and quickness at the net, and Anderson and Buffalomeat served an important role at the net.

Free State is a talented team with an incredible setter in Davis, dominant hitter in Holmes, and Dever covering the floor amazingly. LHS did well to come together and compete against that talent.

LHS should remember the focus, grit, and enthusiasm they had last night and carry that with them this weekend.

Good luck at sub-state to both LHS and Free State.

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Lions volleyball falls in opener at Blue Valley West

Oh my, this team only had a handful of practices before the first match against a top 5 KVA preseason ranked team (see http://www.catchitkansas.com/sports/v...). They dominated BVW initially and took them to 5 games. This team showed signs of defensive grit and offensive quickness that will go a long way this season. They will improve and be very good. I look froward to Coach Magnuson's leadership as they grow in the sport this season.

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Lions mount comebacks, defeat Firebirds 3-1


As the parent of Caitlin, I thank you for the nice compliment. I have to give credit to the whole team including the seniors for pulling together and showing fire on their night, the setter for working hard and adjusting well, and the defense demonstrating grit. No matter who wins when we play Free State, it is always an incredible and healthy forum for competition. The girls from Free State are a very talented team and I could watch both these teams play over and over and not tire. The rivalry and friendship they both demonstrate makes me appreciate the sport more than ever.

I wish both Lawrence teams the best of luck at Sub-state.

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Lawrence police asking for public's help in finding Zarco 66 robbery suspect

Hide your kids hide your wife...... He couldn't have gotten too far having to pull up his saggy britches caught in the second photo

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Have you ever been involved in a vehicle collision with a deer?

A deer ran into the side of my car and bounced off on a country road near wells overlook. There was no real damage. I truck hit a deer on K-10 and pushed in in my lane and I ran over it. It was about 3K worth of damage under the car.

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Company agrees to purchase Sunflower Broadband

I disagree, this is a perfect opportunity for Broadband Man to get additional training under new leadership and and hopefully fine tune his powers for a good cause. The community is behind you Broadband Man!!

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KU's Chancellor collecting second-largest payout from North Carolina state pension fund

I agree, what's the big deal. Hey Dolf, it's a slow news day, What say ye? "Uhhh let's stir up the mudd. Go find some dirt on the Chancellor"

I suggest we quit complaining, look inward, and learn from someone who is very successful.

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Iron Woman: Massey has pitched every inning for Lions this season

I know how hard Lauren worked at improving her pitching skills. Hats off to you Lauren, you are a testament that hard work does pay off. You deserve the attention.

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