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Sales tax exceeds liquor tax in Lawrence after statewide increase

Would you want to live in TX?

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Research finds the poor are more obese

Our lack to quality produce and meat is a true tragedy for our nation. It is very expensive to "eat healthy". This is a problem for our whole nation, not just the poverty-stricken. Obesity leads to diabetes and other health problems that all taxpayers will have to deal with. We should be asking our government to provide tax breaks to small, local farmers rather than the mega beef processors and corn growers that do nothing but feed the beef lots that are poisoning our environment and bodies.

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Tea party anger has racial tone

I agree with this, and I voted for Obama. There are two very distinct and different "teapartiers" . .. . . The Libertarians and the white, racist, uninformed. I am a Libertarian.

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Cavern tavern: The Cave carves out a massive new nightclub beneath The Oread

ldvander--well said.

I miss The Crossing and Glass Onion.

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What’s the hardest test you’ve ever taken?

Mel, I took a class at KU in the business school that had you get into the nitty gritty of excel. It was very, very hard. Physics also wasn't my cup of tea. Was happy to get out of the class with a C.

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Steve Woodberry back on the bench

Yay! Had the biggest crush on Steve when I was in high school and he was playing for KU. Our high school girls' basketball team got to go and practice and Allen Field House before we went to State. He was an awesome player, and we are lucky to have him on the team!

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Thinking about moving to Lawrence

Anon, good one.

My husband and I have always considered moving back to Lawrence. We both graduated from KU, and my husband is a Lawrence High grad. We love old West Lawrence, but the homes there are so pricey. We toured a home selling for 300K that had to be completely redone, I mean completely redone. If we were to move to Lawrence, we would want to walk to Mass. We would also take advantage of all that the university has to offer. We have been football season ticket holders for several years. We chose to stay in KC because we both work here. K-10 is so congested. Just not worth the commute.

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Grade inflation

Jacob, what about Pearl Harbor? Isn't that why we finally got ourselves into WWII? What should we have done?

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National debt demands strong action

This article is right on. Our elected officials need to get their act together. We have had years and years of fiscal irresponsibility, it is going to catch up to us at some point.

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