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K-State researchers studying safety benefits of rumble strips on Kansas highways

I'm no English teacher, BUT....

Read the first paragraph. Were the K-State researchers studying the Douglas County residents' opinions about the rumble strips, or were they just studying the rumble strips? (I'm just being a jackass here, having a little fun.)

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Man transported to Kansas City area hospital following downtown altercation

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Love of guns

Well played.

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Alvamar finds buyer for two golf courses in Lawrence; deal to be done by 2011

You're an idiot. That didn't make any sense.

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KU basketball player Mario Little arrested after altercation involving girlfriend, suspended indefinitely

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Shots fired outside the Granada Sunday morning

reid - I agree with you. I was 99.9% sure Lawrence police didn't have fully automatic weapons. But people assume that a rifle is a fully automatic machine gun just because it doesn't look like your typical "six-shooter" that you see in old westerns.

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It's official: Turner Gill announced as KU's next football coach

A lot of people are looking at his 20-30 record (or whatever it is) at Buffalo, and running him down because of it. But that's a lot better record than what Buffalo had prior to his arrival there, so I think he must be doing something right.

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Shots fired outside the Granada Sunday morning

geekin topekan - You're a mentally deficient stain of a human being. Your comment about the concealed carry was typical left-wing crap that gets generically inserted into these conversations when something like this happens. So I will generically insert my right-wing crap in response to your comment. How many of these morons that were shooting their guns actually had concealed carry permits? Zero, I'm sure. So your remark about concealed carry is pointless. It doesn't matter if the concealed carry law had been passed or rejected, these wastes of skin would still be down there with their guns either way. That's what we right-wing hillbillies have been trying to tell you left-wing douchebags all this time, but it's a futile effort, because you refuse to listen to reason. You're comparing apples to oranges when you try to correlate hip-hop concert violence with concealed carry laws. I'm sure this post will put all the liberals on this website into an uproar, but that is what happens when people speak without thinking.

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