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Editiorial: Big Brother

The Patriot Act was passed during the Bush Administration and has been re- approved recently by our Congress. All three branches of our government are aware of this surveillance. It chills me to realize this is the world we live in but the time to be up in arms about this abuse was when Congress was debating it during the past administration. Sir, these are not Obama's people, it is our National Security apparatus and you do nothing but tip your hand to your political preference with the choice of your words. How did you feel when they passed the Patriot Act? Were you blogging about its ramification then? Did you question "Bush's people"? I bet not. The hypocrisy of your thought process only suggests you have not thought about this issue in any other terms but politically. If there is an "R" behind the action, it's OK but a "D" behind the name.....not so much.

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Editorial: More democratic?

I suggest we pick a date, pick a park to meet at and have an open discussion for possible alternatives to this rapidly unfolding disaster. I am a "damn" democrat but I know a lot of reasonable republicans and I cannot believe you can sit idly by and let this happen. Come on folks, let's not lose our democracy by sitting quietly and responding with "you get what you pay for." I don't think the bulk of republicans in this state can possibly believe the legislature and the governor represent their best interests. Sciencegeek, I will help you organize an event if you respond to this message. Someone has to start the ball rolling. Set a date, a time, name a park and we can start to gather.

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Duel begins over concealed carry in public buildings

Anyone remember the rumble at the Burge between the basketball and football team a few years ago? Let's throw a few pistols in the mix and things could get real dicey. I can't smoke a cigarette in a restaurant beside you but you can have a loaded pistol in your pocket, accidentally discharge it and shoot your wife or maybe shoot me.....I love the "freedom" of Kansas. My freedom of choice now involves not going to a restaurants. I am not nearly as fearful of the "bad" guys as I am of all you good guys carrying guns.

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