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Saturday Column: As Obamacare kicks off, many questions remain

Yeah I know, he's black. It took me only 5 words to make your argument for you. Sigh........

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Letter: Chaos in store

Armstrong, you have just blinked. I recognize you? Giving the "D's everything they ask for without one bit of obstruction" saves this country's collective behind and you know it. Republicans are boxed in a corner, you can't get out of that corner and you have found a way to spin yourself out of the collective trap republicans are in. Just give in to the democrats and you can return to taking pot shots at the president. You are so good at that, it's the governing part that you need remedial help with. Well sir, it is my hope with this colossal strategy failure, that voters finally see your party for the failure that it is Your party has lost its ability to govern over the hatred of one man. Your party wants to destroy the very fabric of this nation simply out of hatred for a man that the majority of this nation elected and you simply cannot deal with it. If it wasn't so sad, so dangerous to the health of the United States, it would be funny.

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Letter: Not representative

Republicans carry copies of the Constitution in the pockets to wave at what they deem an appropriate time but are blindly ignoring the rules of order in a democracy. The Affordable Care Act is law! If you want to repeal a law you must gain a majority in both houses to vote the law down. You cannot just have a snot- filled temper tantrum in the middle of the floor like a two year old.

We can rail against the dysfunction in Washington but there is only one way to settle this. We the people have got to get off the couch, off the blogs, educate ourselves to the positions our elected officials take and commit ourselves to electing people who logically process information, who look to larger issues and eliminate from the roles of Congress those who see their service to this nation as hostage takers. I believe even Republicans are waking up to the real clear danger that our democracy hangs in the balance. It's going to be a bumpy ride.

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Saturday Column: Benghazi questions undermine Obama’s credibility

Truthful and reasonable are not the adjectives I would use to describe Mr. Putin. Reading the news, it appears Mr. Putin blames the opposition for the use of chemical weapons. Truthful? Reasonable? I think not. Mr. Putin supplies the weaponry to Assad and he is smart enough to realize that if our president surgically strikes the Assad government, it could tip the balance of power in Syria. He is not willing to risk that as Putin has an extremist problem in his own country. While a portion of this country looks so hard to criticize every move our president makes, a larger portion of the world knows he is capable of surgical strikes. Ask Osama Bin Laden, ask the Somalian pirates and any number of terrorists taken out with drone strikes. You keep thinking he is weak. Most of us are not capable of playing chess; of understanding nuance....we play checkers and think we are the "smart" ones. Big B, do you want red or black? I'll get the checker board and leave Syria and Iran to our able president.

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Kansas U.S. House delegation votes for bill to cut $39 billion in food stamps over 10 years

Thank you so much for this post. Truly puts things into perspective.

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Kansas' U.S. House delegation supports bill providing government funding but defunding health law

How many people in this country go to a job everyday that they don't particularly like, but they go because they have to have health care for their families? I believe the Affordable Care Act is a boon to the spirit of this nation. Do you have an idea for a business you have always wanted to try but were afraid to leave the security of that job with healthcare? What happens if the security of a healthcare exchange let's you spread your wings? I believe the business community is shedding that long standing tradition of including healthcare as a part of their benefit package just as they replaced pension obligations with the 401K. They no longer have to do that and will gradually divest themselves of that responsibility but ultimately, I believe, the worker will have more bargaining power. You are free to leave and corporate America will be free to up your compensation to get you to stay. It won't happen over night but businesses have to have employees. This is what terrifies Republicans. If I were a Republican and truly believed the Affordable Care Act is such an abomination, step back and let it happen. Then you can say I told you so and win back the hearts of the nation. But they know as well as I know, affordable health care available to everyone is a win. I say we just sit back and watch the temper tantrums, let them turn blue in the face from holding their breath but the Affordable Care Act is the law of the land and at the present time there is nothing they can do but blow up the whole country. Let's see how that works out for them.

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Kansas' U.S. House delegation supports bill providing government funding but defunding health law

If you will attend just one of her town hall meetings, you would get the answer to your question as to whether she knows what she is talking about. Scary folks, but she is all ours. Hopefully, the populous will take a fresh look at her representation in 2014.

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Kansas U.S. House delegation votes for bill to cut $39 billion in food stamps over 10 years

Our representatives are something else? With the ever growing income equality in this nation, more and more people are falling through the cracks and Republicans are interested only in supporting this continuous downward spiral. Save that fetus, but starve the child. What a concept! Sixty seven percent of food stamp recipients are children. If you still identify yourself as Republican, you should be ashamed. I know I am ashamed of you. Also duly note not a
single Democrat voted for this travesty.

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Editorial: Privacy lost

May I hear an AMEN?

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Editorial: Privacy lost

In regards to the IRS investigation, I anxiously await the release of the full transcripts. Cummings has asked Issa to release the full transcripts and as of yet, Issa appears not to be so inclined. Why would that be? Cummings has said if Issa doesn't release the full transcripts he will. Issa surely is looking for full transparency. Certainly there is nothing nefarious here! What I truly hope transpires from the IRS investigation is a clarification, for the public of the original law concerning 501C4's which states tax free status can only be granted to organizations that "exclusively engage" in social welfare. My guess is that most applications do not meet that criteria and that the IRS is actually doing its job.

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