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Line of text in abortion bill draws political line in the sand

If it is not a separate, living, unique human being, then what is it? Apparently these people believe that something miraculous happens if a child is allowed to make its way down the birth canal that makes it a human life, but before that it is not? The only difference between a baby that has been allowed to be born and one that is vulnerable to choice is size, location, environment and degree of dependency. It will be truly be a slippery slope for all of us if this attitude is allowed to prevail. We could all be deemed "less than human" if we become too dependent, too vulnerable. Jlea

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Harsh judgment

Kline's "exit" may turn out to be Kansas women's loss in the sense that he was willing to buck the political pressure, the media bias AND the those who should have been upholding the rule of law to ensure that women who choose abortion are not exploited by abortionists who have a real conflict of interest when it comes to giving women informed consent not only about risks but about the real age of the child inside before they abort. The law states that a minor who has been sexually abused should be protected...I think pregnancy would be adequate proof of sexual abuse..statutory rape..instead abortion clinics routinely cover for the abuser. Kaching! goes the cash register. Abortion is the one industry that really does not have to follow the laws enacted to protect women and to uphold what the public wants...guess it should be called "back-alley" abortion. Jlea

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