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As Jeremy Farmer awaits sentencing, restitution order remains uncertain

I trust Judge Murgia's judgment on this. I fully expect he'"" be ordered to pay something in restitution.

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Douglas County Clerk's Office hopes 'I'm Voting' campaign will increase turnout

Show up and vote for the local and state races and judicial retention even if you can't or won't choose anyone for president or feel resentful of the electoral college. I get it. I feel that way, too. But there's a lot at stake at the local level and we should all make our voices heard.

This is such an impressive effort by the clerk and his staff. Thank you so much for being a force to encourage voter participation. There's no doubt the state's policies have created a chilling effect. Great work trying to counter that.

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Super 8 owner who stabbed his wife gets probation; family's religion played role in judge's decision

A compassionate and appropriate response by Judge Fairchild. I hope the defensant's recovery goes well.

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State employees, including those at KU, could face furloughs if budget not resolved soon

Thank you for continuing to be a voice of reason against the utter madness controlling the legislative and executive branches.

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KU researchers say migraine sufferers should avoid plastic

Oh how I wish we could stop oversimplifying the causes of Migraine Disease and triggers of Migraine attacks by recommending things like people "stop eating plastic."

I don't doubt for a second there is a connection between estrogen levels and Migraine in many people. Unfortunately, there is no one fix that helps every single person living with the condition. For most people there are multiple factors involved with the triggering of Migraine attacks. I fear that telling people to "stop eating plastic" perpetuates the myth that it's your own fault if you deal with frequent Migraine attacks. But I do believe strongly in minimizing the factors we can control.

I'd also like to point out just how incorrect Dr. Berman is when she states there is a lack of new Migraine drugs on the horizon. In addition to being a 30 year Migraine patient myself, I'm also a patient advocate and educator who just returned from the American Headache Society's professional conference (AHS Scottsdale Headache Symposium), where I learned even more about a new category of medications for Migraine called CGRP receptor antagonists. I'd highly encourage any Migraineurs reading this comment to Google that term for more information.

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Tardy legislator denied pay, granted mileage

How sad that I already knew who this was about before I even clicked on the article.

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'K-State' getting new brand

So was the point of this article to give arrogant KU hangers on the opportunity to throw cheap shots at K-State or what? Pretty lame "news" coverage, LJ World.

For the record, I have degrees from both institutions.

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Brownback mum on expansion of Medicaid under federal health care reform

This would be an excellent chance to do the right thing for once, Governor.

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Lawrence police investigating whether man's death was related to previous physical altercation

I'm so sorry to all his loved ones. His passing will clearly leave a big hole in their lives.

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Downtown parking: Is shortage real or perceived?

I definitely think it's an issue of perception. Certainly if you're going to particularly crowded events at certain times of day you need to plan ahead a little, but it's really no problem at all. Not sure why anyone is bringing "fat people" into the discussion, though.

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