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Sound Off: Parking ticket

The times are sometimes posted inside the "back" of the meter head, not always the "front" (where you put in the money). But they are posted in every meter, somehow. It's required.

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New KU Core curriculum filling up with course options

As a non-traditional student, fulfilling my "core curriculum" coursework was one of the biggest challenges I had completing my degree at KU, and in the end, I *had* to take classes elsewhere in order to do it. If KU wants to keep everyone going and get people to graduate in a timely fashion, they should also focus on how to make sure every student can fulfill every requirement, even someone who has to focus on evening coursework to also work full-time.

It is also interesting that this mentions the deadline for "printing catalogs" because KU hasn't printed a course catalog in a long time... Unless they are bringing back the timetable this spring?

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Names of driver and cyclist in Tuesday accident released

Boy, am I tired of this anti-bicyclist attitude. Bergerfry, you exemplify a lot of attitudes seen around this forum, around this town, and generally around the whole state.

Why in the world does the *occasional* accident, even at the fault of the cyclist, give you the latitude to say "Bicycles are becoming a nuisance?" What about the hundreds of people who bicycle safely, using turn signals, yielding to traffic appropriately, and stopping at every damn stop sign, putting a foot down, and then starting off pretty freaking slowly, even when there is no one else at the intersection.

When I ride my bike, which I do for both fitness and transportation when the weather is reasonable (i.e. not raining, snowing, sleeting, temps above 40 for my asthma, etc), I've stopped being shocked by car drivers' unbelievably bad attitudes towards me. I ride as far right as is safe (not in the curb/gutter, but pretty close), stop along the side instead of swerving in front of cars that are moving faster than me in order to turn left behind them instead of in front of them, and yet people still behave as if I am that NUISANCE.

How about NOT painting everyone with the same paintbrush? I'm not the guy who cuts in front of a car to avoid stopping. I'm not the guy who runs the stop sign or red light. I'm just a girl trying to be healthier and get where I need to go. Give me a break!

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Game nights present parking peeve to campus workers

Both of your statements are untrue. Maybe you should check in with Parking & Transit before writing posting misinformation! When I called to ask if this was true, I found out the following:

You can't get into the Oliver Hall lot unless you have an Oliver parking permit on game nights when the building is open, and only when the building is closed is that parking used for game parking. Meanwhile, at Stouffer Place parking permits are required until 8 p.m., not 5 p.m., and there is someone at the entrances to keep the fans out of the parking lot until then!

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Game nights present parking peeve to campus workers

Usually, parking for games doesn't get restricted until 5:30 p.m. on week nights. Was it really last week's homecoming parade that closed down your parking lot before 4?

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Letter: Water waste

I heard that was not a planned repair, but rather something that came up suddenly, like a water main break. How are they supposed to plan for that?

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Electronic recycling event Saturday

Did you know that Goodwill also recycles electronics of any size, any time?

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Plan to raze McCollum Hall in the works

Pretty sure the parking dollars are only going to pay for the cost of replacing the parking that will be taken up with the new buildings -- there is a state law about that, too. Parking dollars can't go in the general education fund.

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Letter to the editor: Above, beyond

Back in the late 80s, my mother left her wallet with everything in it on the bumper while loading up groceries on the Oregon coast, halfway through a 4-week road trip. When we arrived home, it was with everything else in her collection of held mail.

Consumer1, just drop it in the mail! It might cost a couple bucks, but at least you've done the right thing, and could even do it anonymously.

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Letter: Out of balance

Whether or not you like campaign contributions, another way to even the field is to drastically shorten the campaign cycle. I'm tired of the election coverage, it's been going on for over a year!

Limit the process to 3 or 4 months, with a set day for people to announce their candidacy, one month for primaries to take place, a convention (but really, what's the point of a convention, just make a politics TV channel on public access that runs every day, like C-Span), and then the remaining time for debates and a daily 30-minute time slot on TV. Candidate A and Candidate B (and Candidate C, we need to get more than 2 parties involved!) get to swap the time slot each day, so one isn't always "first" or "last" in the coverage.

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